Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend and what I have been up too this week.....

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada this weekend and the weather forecast is glorious.  It's been a busy week and will be a busy weekend, as I want to take advantage of this lovely weather.  I am guessing most Canadians will be out and about making the most of the good weather, as we all know it will not last!!

Due to it being so nice, we still don't have our heating on and the way the forecast is playing out, I don't expect to turn it on this coming week either.  We have had the fire on a couple of times to take the chill off when the sun goes down, which is a nice way to ease me into cleaning out the fireplace again.

My main job this week has been decorating and I have got a lot done.  What a difference it has made to the hall, stairs and landing painting the walls.  I didn't realize how dirty those walls were.  I have painted the walls the same colour as the attic, a cream colour with a hint of brown/pink.  It warms everything up and makes it look fresh.  Due to the weather being so nice I also got the front and mud room doors painted inside and out.

I also got the walls painted in the laundry room and dh is hoping to get the trim installed this weekend, so I can paint that.  He has started on the electrics but still has a ways to go.  He is full of cold so that is slowing him down.

In between hands I have made a start on cutting the grass.  The goal is to get that all cut this weekend and do some trimming of the edges as well.  The leaves are starting to fall so I mulch them as well.

Managed to get Molly bathed this week, as her skin is looking sore again.  Also clipped her nails and she actually sat still this time.  I have an appointment at the vets for Thursday to have her yearly check up and get a couple of jabs.

We voted on Thursday night.  Still can't understand why we have to have two sets of Governments in Canada?  Terrible turn out though, less than 50% of the people in Ontario voted.

I haven't gotten around to everyone's blogs, as by the time I have washed up after supper, I have been pooped.  I have been doing a bit of reading on a night as it relaxes me, and to be honest there is nothing worth while watching on tv.  Even Coronation Street is annoying now that Tracey is back; she drives me crazy!!! 

Finally another beautiful sunset:

I forgot to say, I do have some photos of the bridal shower, just haven't had time to go through them........


Stella Jones said...

You have plenty to do and enjoy at this busy time of the year. At least you have it all planned so you should make good progress. I agree about how nice it is to sit down at the end of the day with a good book.
Looking forward to the pictures of the Bridal Shower.

~Carla~ said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend like you said, so I plan on enjoying it! I have a photo shoot this afternoon & it should be perfect!!! :)

Jane and Chris said...

Tracey being back has put us off Corrie. The actress can't act and that makes it worse!
Jane x

angela said...

you have been busy, I hope the weather holds out for you so you can get it all done. That flu looks like its travelled all over the world. I hope you hubby feels better soon.

Karine said...

You certainly had a busy week! enjoy the weekend and the lovely weather, it's going to be beautiful here in Montreal as well!

Rose said...

WOW! You have got a lot done...where do you get your energy!

Beautiful sunset!