Monday, October 3, 2011

Bridal shower........

First let me apologize about the lack of photos in this post.  The maid of honour and her mother took all the photos as I was so busy, so won't have photos until they email them to me.  There will be links in this post for you to see certain things.

The maid of honour, "K" went above and beyond with what she did.  The theme colour was purple and she had a stem of orchids in a gorgeous little vase which turned out to be the take home gift for everyone.  All the table cloth's and napkins were purple.  The cake was from Dufflet cakes and it was a lemon cake with tiny purple flowers on it and purple writing, just gorgeous and tasted yummy.  WARNING: clicking on the Dufflet cakes link will cause you to drool!!!!

Should say the event was held at Zion Schoolhouse,  which was built in 1869 and has been restored to the 1910 period to reflect schooling as it was in the farming community of L'Amaroux at the beginning of the last century.  It was a very unique location to hold a bridal shower.  We played a couple of games.  The first one you had to look in your purse/handbag to see if how many items on this list you had.  There were 18 items and the winning lady had 17 of the 18 items.  No one had any British Pounds on them despite the fact there were five of us who were British/Canadian.  The winner won a gorgeous Matt and Nat clutch, similar to this one.  We also did the what is the Canadian word for this British word.  Everyone won a little chocolate that had dd name on it and the Bridal Shower date, which was cute.

The food was good, or at least everyone said how good it was, and there were plenty of leftovers for us to bring home.  "R" butter chicken and rice went down a treat for everyone except me, it was too spicy for me!!!

Dd did so well regarding gifts, she was a very lucky girl.  She got all 8 place settings from various people of the china pattern she selected.  It's an everyday one and is by Sophie Conran for Portmerion, her place settings are in the Celadon colour which is a heck of a lot darker in real life than on the web site.  All the accent pieces she got were in white and she also got these glasses from the collection.  She got 4 boxes of them, from one person, plus a couple of accent pieces.

She was/is registered with Home Outfitters, and we have discovered that their system isn't without it's glitches, as she still ended up with two Cusinart Slow Cookers. Luckily gift receipts were enclosed so she can take one of them back.  She got so many other things as well, too many to mention. 

The one thing that really struck me was how much everyone who was there thought of dd, she was surrounded by people who love her and think a lot of her.  I was so very proud of her, as she made sure she made time for everyone there and after she opened all her gifts she went around and hugged and thanked everyone personally.  I know she still has to go to the store and pick up more gifts, from people who didn't go to the shower.  As people can order online and get the items shipped to the store.

All in all it was a major success and all of it due to "K' impressive organizational skills, and her mother and sister who were the best.  Also "J" her other bridesmaid who really worked her tail end off, and "A" the other bridesmaid for pitching in.  Also the grooms mother who made a lot of the food as well.  However without "K" it wouldn't have been what it was a great success.  As I was saying to both "K" and her mother, I want at least a year's notice of when "K" gets married, as dd and I will need that to sort out her bridal shower!!!!

I can't wait for the wedding, as everyone was saying how they are all looking forward to it.  Only another 33 days!!!


Jane and Chris said...

Now you can catch your breath for a short while (perhaps an hour or two!!)
Jane x

Karine said...

That sounds like an amazing time! You've made me realize the importance of havign maid of honor with good organizational skills!!!

Rose said...

Won't be long till the big event is over...sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. So wonderful when everyone works together.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Everything looks lovely -- I love the china and glasses and the little clutch! The venue is very interesting, I am sure it was great fun having the shower there. I can't even talk about the cake!

EG CameraGirl said...

I feel the excitement growing!

Your daughter has great taste. I LOVE her everyday china.

The Witch said...

What a well organized bridal show.
It seems every detail was done with great taste and love for the bride to be. Lots of respect also.
She received some beautiful gifts which will be well used.
So happy for her!
I can hardly wait for the wedding also.