Friday, October 22, 2010

Poor Molly, and a few other things.......

On Wednesday Molly had her tooth extracted and below is the evidence!!! She was missing half the tooth it turned out.

It turns out we did it just in time, as she had a lot of problems with it; it was pretty rotten and her body was fighting the rotten part of the tooth.

I picked Molly up at 4pm and she was still a bit groggy poor thing.  Here she is laying on the sofa. If you click on the photo you will see how glazed over her eyes is.
She had a rough night and was up a number of times with diarrhea.  I am so glad I don't have a new born in the house, as I was pooped by morning.  Anyhow when we got up in the morning, she seemed a lot better and was wagging her tail, which is always a good sign.  She did finally have something to eat and drink by lunch time.  However she is only allowed soft foods for ten to fourteen days until her stitches heal; she had four stitches.

Do you want to buy a church?  This one is for sale.  It's actually a lovely church, I was inside it last year.  It's in a lovely little village called Mono Centre.  I'm not sure I could live in a church could you?

Mono Centre also has a real British telephone box:

Have you entered my Giveaway yet?  Here is a link to it.

Finally turned the heating on, on Thursday.  Not that it was on through the day.  We had snow flurries up the road from us.  Just streamers off the lake, but it's gone cold and I still haven't got everything done for Winter.


Valerie said...

It's only a toothache, people say, but I know from personal experience that toothache is one of the worst pains we can experience. I feel extra sympathy for a poor animal who suffers from it. In fact, anything wrong with an animal breaks my heart. I do hope Molly gets through the next few days in relative peace. Not sure about the church as an abode. I bet it would feel quiet in there...grins.

Tracey said...

Oh poor old Molly!
Yes I could live in a church, I've always wanted to buy an old chapel & do it up! xxxxxxxx

Jane and Chris said...

Poor old Molly,hope she is feeling bouncy soon. Live in a church?I would love to but I would like a big old English church with lots of wood and stained glass.
Sorry to dampen your day but we had flurries here this morning. I spent an hour grumbling.
Jane x

Stephanie V said...

OK...I know it wasn't funny but you being 'pooped' after your night of diarrhea did make me smile. Hope she soon forgets her ordeal.

I think living in a church would be great. Such a big space to arrange any way I wanted.

Lib said...

Poor Molly!
Living in a church would be neat.Here folks buys old schools reno , Uptown they are reno old building into loft apts. Don't think Ive seen achurch reno to a home.
Have a great wk.end!

Unknown said...

Poor puppy. I hope she feels better soon.

I dont know if I could live in a Church. Maybe. I guess it depends on the usual, how much light, space and setup. Maybe. If it has an attached graveyard I might have a harder time.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Do hope sweet Molly is feeling better today and that you get more sleep tonight. Our dogs are our children,. too. . . . . . . . Cold! There you go using that word again. But I may have to put on a jacket or sweater to run to Wally's. It's coming our way, too. Stay warm now!

Liz, The Republic

Karine said...

Ouch, poor Molly indeed! I'm glad you got the problem fixed in the nick of time!

I could never live in a church, although here in Montreal they have made condos out of a few old monasteries and churches, which is a good alternative to tearing them down I find.

No flurries here yet, although if anything comes down today, it's sure to be snow as it didn't make it above 4 degrees!!!

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