Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Giveaway.........

This I must say is a good one.  I have been thinking about getting a barstool for my island in the kitchen and have seen some that I like on this site.  I have been fortunate enough for them to ask me to do a review on an item from their main site.  They have also offered to supply me with a $70 gift card for this site for one of my readers as a thank you.

Unfortunately this time it will be restricted to people who live in the States and Canada.  I’m hoping down the road if I am able to do this again, that maybe we can include the rest of the world.

So here are the rules:

1.    You have to live in the States or Canada to be eligible (please indicate which country you live in.)
2.    You need to go to the site and tell me which Bar Stool you like the best and put that link in with your comment.
3.    You need to leave me your email address if you don’t have a blog where I can reach you at.
4.    If you promote this giveaway on your site (need to provide link and a separate comment) you will get an extra entry.
5.    The winner will be drawn on Sunday October 31st, my time, which is EST.  I will contact you then and you have 48 hours to get back to me with a valid email address, as the gift card code will be emailed to you.

For those of us in Canada, please be aware there will be “international fees” of around $20 on your purchase, those are duties, taxes etc, that we always have to pay.

Good luck and I hope you enter…….


Denise said...

I certainly don't expect to be lucky again as I am still enjoying that wonderful cookbook I won. Thanks for the link, I am going to check it out now.

By the way, your new header is another stunner. Absolutely gorgeous!

Amy M said...

I also am in the market for some bar stools. :)
I took a look and I would go with this or something similar:

It looks basic and the price is right. ;)

My email is

Jane and Chris said...

This is my favourite (for that dream day). But if I was lucky enough to win the gift voucher I would put it towards a new slipcover to replace a really ratty one we just had to throw out leaving us with a ratty settee instead!!
Jane x

Nancy K. said...

I think this is a handsome bar stool for a man.

I like the neat lines and the masculine look of wood and leather.

Happy Birthday to your husband!

Anonymous said...

This is the stool I like the best. What fun that was.

LizBeth said...

I like this stool because it has clean lines and reminds me of old library chairs -- back when we read quietly or actually whispered in the library! It would fit just about any decor. Looks like a comfortable back.

Happy decorating!

Liz, The Republic

Rachel Stokes said...

I would love to enter.
I like this one, very pretty.

LizBeth said...

Posted on my blog for your giveaway! This is fun!


Selmada said...

I really like

Its adjustable and as someone who is short, this is a bonus!

homejunk at shaw dot ca

(came here via your posting in SC - in case you were wondering. Subscribing via RSS now)

Elizabeth said...

This would be my pick:

Which was your favourite?

xmd5 said...

i like the Hillsdale Swivel Bar Stool - Jefferson 30" with Cushion - 4975-830
SKU #: HF3808


saturn said...

I like the Hillsdale Cierra 30" Swivel Bar Stool - Black Fabric.

Glogirl said...

I'm in Canada.
I like this plain and simple bar stool:


Christine said...

I live in Canada.

I like this bar stool - Boraam Augusta 29" Bar Stool in Cappuccino (

Email address is cna_davis at lycos dot com

Thanks! :)

Connie Walsh said...

I am in Canada.

We love gadgets at our house so I immediately went to the adjustable stools. This is the one that caught my eye:

walshsurvey at walshclan dot biz

Clippy Mat said...

I think this barstool would be a good match to the kind of house that you live in. Hope I'm right.

Anonymous said...

I like this bar stool best

Simple and elegant

Anonymous said...

I would love a bar stool to go in my kitchen. I need one to sit on when I am preparing all the wonderful bounty from my garden!!! The one I liked best was this one:
Love your Blog!
Debra (iamclose on PH)

FallenPixels said...

Not within the $70 but you didn't say it had to be, I love this one, its like an armchair bar stool and who wouldn't love that

Hillsdale Valencia 24" Barstool in Oyster Grey - 4291-830

I am in Canada

Anonymous said...

I like this set. They would push under the bar counter nicely. and are a good price.

Thanks for the chance to win, I love the pics on your blog. I have been following you for a while,found your blog via prairie homemaker.
Take care,

Rachelle said...

I like the Crosley Upholstered 29" Saddle Seat Bar Stool in Classic Cherry Finish Set.

I prefer the wide seat (for my wide seat!) and the cushion over hardwood for comfort!

I'm sure whatever bar stool you select will be gorgeous.


lettucebeans said...

Ooh, purple! I like the Johnston Casuals 4-Score Backless Contemporary Barstool.

Thanks! :)

- Louise

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada and I like the most the Hillsdale Cierra 30" Swivel Bar Stool - Black Fabric - 4592-830SKU #: HF2390


chksnowqueen said...

So hard to choose! I like a stool with cushioning and back support, so I finally picked this one.

I think that the wood and the light fabric would go well with the rest of your kitchen.

My second choice was

And if money were no object... in the bi-cast leather in cherry or one of the other lovely seat options.

Christine in Canada

Wendy said...

Hi there:

I like the barstools with the Boraam Florence Pub Set in Black

I like it because it is strong wood, has a back, four legs and looks solid. It is more 'sensible' than others and may be less fashionable ...but I know I would feel comfortable sitting on the Boraam and that's what is important.

jess_147 said...

I'm from Canada!