Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"But they are squishing my girls"................

On Thursday we are going to a Pooja.  Now for those of you not in the know, a Pooja is a house blessing for people of the Hindu/Sikh persuasion.  Our "adopted daughter and son-in-law" are Indian and they are moving into their first house and have decided to have a Pooja.

Now as you may or may not have guessed we are not Indian, so I figured that I would try and blend in a bit more with the other Indian people there and buy an Indian outfit.  So while I was in the city on Tuesday I called in at a couple of Indian clothing stores.  Must say they were a little surprised to see a middle aged white woman with a British accent asking for a tunic, but they were ever so nice and helpful.

In the last store I went into they picked out some tunic tops but all but one were too tight and were squishing the girls (bosoms).  So we decided I would try on the longer tunics and pants sets.  They picked out the largest size they had and they thought it looked wonderful.  However all I kept saying to them, "they are squishing my girls."  They kept saying that's the way they wear them and they were supposed to be clinging to your figure.  Now that's all well and good when you don't have any wobbly bits, but when you have wobbly bits you really don't want things clinging to you.  They did suggest a sari, but I did ask them how on earth me and dh were supposed to tie it/put it on?  I suppose that could be a whole new post in itself; me and dh trying to figure out how to put on a sari!!!

Anyhow, I ended up buying this tunic top which at least I can wear again for another occasion.  If I am ever invited to a fancy dancy Indian function I will go out and buy a sari and make sure I put it on when Rupa is there to help me.

So the reason I was in the city was to go to the dentist for my six monthly cleaning.  The gist of the situation is that there is a problem with the root canal that he just did.  So I am on antibiotics and have to go back in two weeks to see how my mouth is feeling {{{SIGH}}}  I have no idea what is going on, but I know that my poor mouth is still aching.

I was out all day on Tuesday and was pooped by the time I finally got home, but at least I got a number of errands completed while I was down there.

I plan on having an industrious day around the house on Wednesday, wish me luck!!


Star said...

Over here in England, the Indian clothes are also on the small side. I have in the past sold Gothic clothing, mainly for the teenage buyers but older people like them too. I explained to the suppliers that the clothes needed to come in larger sizes because we were missing out on lots of orders. It didn't cut any ice! They are made in India and are sized according to their measurements, not ours. Which brings me on to a moany post?
Why can't we buy fashionable clothes in larger sizes? It's getting better but it's still not good.
I'm sorry to hear about your tooth. Having gone through a root canal myself recently, which is now fixed and not giving me any more trouble, I really sympathise with you.
I hope that 2011 sees you toothache free and accident free too.
Blessings, Star

Valerie said...

A friend and I were once tempted to buy an Indian outfit on the grounds that they looked so comfortable. But courage failed us! I bet you look a picture in your new acquisition. Do we get to see pictures? Hope the tooth problem gets sorted soon.

Daxingcujo said...

Ah yes, the difficulty buying fashion for the *normal* sized folks ( not the twigs that are in mags and tv)..I hope the pooja goes well and as you said, you can wear the top to other occasions ( though trying a sari sounds fun)...I pray that you tooth woes go away, no one wants those aches and I hope you get some relief soon.

Jane and Chris said...

I had an Indian friend at junior school; her Mum once dressed me in a sari. Yards and yards of fabric, very clevery pleated and safety pins or any thing to hold it together;I was scared to walk in case the whole thing fell off!
Have a good time at the blessing, and I hope your tooth gets sorted, this has been going on far too long.
Jane x

Winifred said...

Our previous doctor was Indian and not exactly thin. She used to wear the most gorgeous saris and tight fitting little cholis that exposed her mid riff. They must have certainly squished her boobs! I used to think she must be absolutely freezing in the winter.

Enjoy the blessing.

Karine said...

I loved your shopping story! A lot of Indian people come to the Oratory and I always love seeing all of their brightly colored tunics and saris...but I did notice that they were either tight at the top or that the saris showed off the midriffs...and it's the older women who seem to prefer the saris!

As for your dentist...have you thought of going to see another one for a second opinion? One of my great aunts who had chronic toothaches did that once and the second dentist for the problem on the first go and fixed it so she has not had an issue since then!