Saturday, October 23, 2010

A question and other stuff

This was Friday's sunset, we have been having some glorious sunsets recently.

Friday at 5am I had to let Molly out for a pee and the car was covered with flurries, it was nippy cold here.

I was talking to my mother on Friday and she was saying that she has been inundated with telemarketing calls.  I was saying that over here in Canada we have a phone number where we can register our phone number on a do not call list.  My question for anyone in Britain, do you have the same thing over there and if so what is it?

I love this town sign, it's so pretty don't you think?

I'm all excited as I get to go to the Creativ Show today........I should have lots of lovely photos to show you on Sunday!!


Tracey said...

Well if there is I don't know about it! They are bloody pests though. xxx

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Heres a few links I found online that you could try visiting - I'm sure there will be info there you can provide to your Mum that will help her stop receiving those calls

Take care

Valerie said...

That's a lovely sunset. I never see any where I live, just the surrounding hues but not the entire scene. Too many trees in the way.

In response to your question about telemarketing. We had the same and I contacted BT for a solution. There is a system called Anonymous Call Rejection. When one of these unwanted calls is received, you simply replace the receiver, then IMMEDIATELY pick it up again and dial or depress a particular code. This then stops the caller from ringing your number again. Of course, you have to pay BT for the service... I believe it's £10 per quarter. It was worth it for us as those nuisance calls were getting us down. Hope this helps in some way.

LizBeth said...

Snow flurries!! Keep them, please. We aren't ready for it just, yet!!!! Better yet, send them to Carol. ~Liz

Tracey said...

What a gorgeous sunset.. makes me want to be there!

Regarding the "don't ring me" list i'm unsire all i do know though is i never put my phone number down when enquiring about things on the internet, i only give my email as i hate cold callers grrrr xx

John said...

We've got a 'do not call' system in place in Australia - but our stupid government left loopholes for financial institutions and genuine charities to be able to call - so now all the 'sharpie' call centre companies (mainly based in India) have found ways to use those loopholes as well as being innundated by every charity from "Save the blind beagles!" to Lord knows what!

Karine said...

I love the colors in that sunset! Id there is no 'do not call' list in Britain, you could maybe tell your mom to get caller ID. My mom has it at her house and before the 'do not call' list came into effect, we could always tell when it was a telemarketer calling because it would ring long distance most of the time and show a 1-800 number. I would never pick up when it was a 1-800 or if it was a long distance number I didn't recognize.

Evelyn said...

you have to be careful on the do not call list in canada as it needs to be updated regularly. for some reason I rarely get calls