Sunday, October 17, 2010

A quiet Saturday.....

Dh was off work on Saturday, which was nice.  Unfortunately he has hurt his knee, so he's hobbling at the moment.  Dh is one of these people who doesn't like to sit down doing nothing, so I had to force him to sit and watch British soccer on tv on Saturday morning to rest up his knee.  He has to work on Sunday so I figured a few hours not doing anything would help his knee.

We went to Tim Hortons for lunch then on to Cookstown Outlet Mall, as we are going to a housewarming party and I wanted to get a gift.  We ended up with this Corning ware set, which I thought was useful, as you can't have enough serving dishes.

Oh and Molly, well she was chewing a raw hide bone on BOTH sides of her mouth, which  makes me question the whole broken tooth thing; as I didn't really see it, and Molly won't let me look in her mouth.  So I am going to call the vet's on Monday to talk to her.

I was looking through a couple of old posts and happened upon this one brought back great memories for me.

While I was typing this I heard the snap of the mouse trap, so two mice caught today :0(  I have to say the traps I use work well:

I find peanut butter works a treat for attracting them.  I keep a separate jar of peanut butter in the fridge especially for the mice. 


John said...

"Mouse Butter" LOL!

Jane and Chris said...

I have those Corningware dishes. I love them and use them all the time. The person receiving those should be very pleased.(If they are not....I'll have them!!!)
Jane x

The Witch said...

You can't beat Corning-ware. I have lots of them that we use daily. Any dish will freeze great in them and always serves up looking nice. One dish cooking and clean-up. I always look at Value Village for the square type pans and lids which I scored big time a few months back.
Hope Hubby is feeling better today, and Molly seems fine if she eating a raw hide bone!

LizBeth said...

Okay, I've tried the Bush's veg beans. They're good! . . . . . . .Glad you keep the mouse butter separate. Should we ever meet, I'll feel better about eating from your picnic basket!! ~Liz

Jake said...

Mice!! I HATE them, 'fraid i'm a get on a chair and squeal kinda girl!! Saw a HUGE one yesterday come out from garage to eat the bird seed that had fallen to the ground. Made hubby go and get stuff to destroy them. I'm NOT going into the garage!

Kim said...

Hi Gil

My dog has a chipped tooth - we watch it but it doesn't seem to bother her so we let it be - I can't afford to fix it just because the vet says we should - it's been like that for 6 months now.

About the job, no never heard back from them, I emailed them this past week and never got a reply either - guess I didn't get the job. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me.

CSN - I figured you would probably be interested so I fired off an email to them to refer you - I don't know if they do referrals, but it can't hurt.

Have a good Sunday :)

Lib said...

I have that set of dishes , love them!
Hope You Dh feels better soon!
Have a great wk. Blessins',Lib

Star said...

You're right about never having enough serving dishes. You would have laughed if you'd seen me today, trying to ram too much rhubarb into a too small dish! Yes, it did overflow but not into the oven, luckily! I put it into a meat tin so it overflowed into that.
I must get a new, bigger dish. Can't delay past Christmas. Oops! did I just say the dreaded word?
Blessings, Star

Karine said...

That's a lovely gift you got for the housewarming party! I'd love to get something like that...and a cutting board!

You're awful brave being able to trap mice like that! Tender heart that I am, I would never be able to kill them, I would cry every time I heard a trap go!