Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How organized are you for Christmas?

I hunted out all the Christmas presents I have bought so far and sorted them all out to see what I have got for everyone.  I seem to be in good shape so far.  Have a number of gift cards to buy and am waiting for a couple of things to go on sale before I buy them!!!!  I have to say that's one good thing I love about Canada, most things tend to go on sale at one time or another!

I have made a decision about one thing though, there is no yearly newsletter going out with the Christmas cards this year.  I want as stress free a Christmas as possible and writing that newsletter every year just adds to the stress.

I am not a fan of vegetable drinks, the whole thing is icky to me.  So when I saw the new V8 drink that incorporates vegetables in a fruit tasting drink I thought I would give it a go.

My impression of it.......I don't know, it wasn't totally unpleasant, it was just a bit thick for me and the taste wasn't as "fruity" as I would have liked.

Are you a fan of those vegetable juices?

I was looking through an old post and thought it was interesting, here it is


Iris said...

I'm not a fan of the V8 drinks at all, but there is a company called "NAKED" (no joke) that makes wonderful drinks. They have a website called nakedjuice.com where you can see a drink called "Green Machine". It is as green as the grass on your lawn. But I have tried it, and it is absolutely yummy. Supposedly there is even some broccoli in it! I don't know if it is available in Canada, but if you see it in a store, it is worth a try!

Lakeland Jo said...

Haven't given Christmas a thought yet. My head still thinks it is the summer.
My mum loves the vegetable juices. I can't bear the thought of them though I do like tomato juice now and again.

Jane and Chris said...

Vegetable juices?
And what is this Clamato? Tomato and clam juice....blech, blech, blech!
Jane x
PS Christmas....really need to get started on making things.

Stephanie V said...

OK...I seem to be a minority but I like veg drinks. Haven't had any in a long while because I like the real veg better. and the juices are full of salt. But, I like them better than fruit juice. Which is a funny thing to say since the tomato base would be a fruit, right?

Rock on with your Christmas preparations. I am impressed!

Kim said...

I've tried those and don't care for them. I prefer plain ole tomato juice, not the V8 stuff.

A nice one to try is Arthur's Green Energy Smoothie - very yummy, a little pricey though.

Karine said...

I'm pretty organized for Christmas, I have about half of my presents bought so far!

As for vegetbale drinks, I've always liked them and vegetable-fruit drinks as well!

LizBeth said...

Christmas and organized . . . . . . in the same breath!?!?!?!?!

Lib said...

I am Happy to say ,I am finished with my Christmas gifts. I shope yr. around and when the Season arrives its stress free:o)
I do like veggie drinks.
Have a great day!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Organised for Christmas. Aaagghhh! The thought of it coming already. I suppose I ought to start thinking about it. Thank you, Gill, I am going to do it this year instead of leaving it to the last minute! :)

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

I have not even thought about christmas!
bloody hell its ONLY AROUND the corner!!!

John said...

Christmas? Presents? Just surviving the holiday periods is enough a present for us. Rhonda will be working Christmas and New Year public Holidays to let colleagues with families have Christmas and the younger ones celebrte New Year.

Juices - not a fan of them, I'd rather feast on fresh fruit.

cheshire wife said...

This year I am organised. I have bought the Christmas cards and shall be making my Christmas cake next week. I have given in and there will be a round robin letter as I do not have the time to write individual letters.

Danielle said...

I realllly dislike those drinks. I expected them to be like a fruity smoothie, I think, but they're just not quite right.

As for Christmas, I haven't bought anything yet but i do have a few hundred dollars of free gift cards that I earned from points programs!! I am very excited and am aiming to have a nearly-free Christmas this year!

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Not a big fan of those juices - Dh's aunt in Nova Scotia was trying the cranberry/somethingor other when we were there the other week, she loved it but it didn't do a thing for me. Each to their own I suppose
Chistmas is coming - sometime and it's going to arrive whether we are ready or not. We've decided it will be cashless Christmas pressies this year as all the grandchildren have mentioned store cards. I get to pick which stores so they don't go and blow the gift on something we might not think suitable
Take care

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I wouldn't be a fan of cold veggie juice Gill but I do love home made veg soup liquidised and drunk from a mug.
I have given some thought to Christmas but that is far as it has gone so far although I have been looking at cards!

Evelyn said...

I have also been looking at cards too but that is as far as I go. I don't go all out for Christmas, can't afford to so shopping is low key and mostly gift cards, those I do buy for are super fussy and love gift cards anyhow.