Sunday, October 24, 2010

Creativ Festival

On Saturday me and dd went to the Creativ Festival in downtown Toronto.  We had a really good day and here are some photos from there.  By the way no photographs were supposed to be taken, but I asked permission each time I took a photo.

Dd really liked these cards and wanted me to take a photo of them.

This woman is called Lennie Honcoop, and her work is just lovely she has a web site where you can order her product from:  I fell in love with the poppy quilt on her left hand side.  It will be in stock later in the year.
This next photo wouldn't turn around for some reason.  Anyhow dd bought the stamp kit to make these cards.  It's from a company called Local King Rubber Stamp  So we all expecting this Christmas Cards from dd this year.
I picked up this stamp kit called Thoughtful Flowers  We bought a starter kit each which consists of the stamp set, a background stamp I got one similar to this one  We got an acrylic block to put the stamps on and 40 sheets of glossy paper.  The lady demonstrating it was really good and very patient.  She even told us to buy crayola markers instead of the more expensive pens she was selling.  I am looking forward to trying this out.
There was this poor little alpaca there, who kept chewing on the bars???  Alpaca wool is very soft, I didn't know that, as I don't knit and neither does dd.  We avoided all the knitting boothes.
This photo is out of focus I am afraid but I fell in love with the material and the colours.
Mad About Patchwork is out of Ottawa and she was a lovely lady, again sorry about the quality of the photo. I picked up 16 fat quarters and 1/2 a yard of fabric from her booth.  She had the most gorgeous Christmas fabric see here that sold out on the first day (Friday.)

I picked some quilters basting spray at a great price from A Great Notion and they too have an online store here.

We could have spent a small fortune at the show as there was so much to buy.  We really had to limit ourselves on what we bought.

My poor old feet were killing me by the time we had finished walking around.  When we were entering the show, a pile of people were milling around as they had just walked up the CN Tower for I was exhausted just walking from the subway to the Metro Convention Centre!!!  So the whole idea of me walking up to the top of the CN Tower was ludicrous, especially  when it's a well know fact I am allergic to exercise!!!

When we were leaving the show, we were met by lots of little kids and their parents who had just been to see the Wiggles in concert at the Rogers Centre  A lot had purple Wiggles t-shirts on.  All were very tired with having to walk three miles (slight exageration) from the Rogers Centre to Union Station.  Mind you there was one person whining more, as her feet were killing her......oh and she has a British accent and was with her dd who had no sympathy what so ever about her mother's sore feet!!

It's the same dd who does not trust her mother what so ever on the subway, as for some reason her mother who generally has a great sense of direction looses it when she gets on the subway!!!  My ears also wouldn't stop popping either on the subway this time, that normally doesn't happen.

All in all though a great day out, and a great mother and daughter day.....even though the daughter has no sympathy about her poor mother's ailments!!


Valerie said...

There was a lot of good stuff there. I am envious of all those quilters who produce such lovely work. I too would have been exhausted with a lot of walking although perhaps not so much with so many things to take my mind of it. Good luck with the rubber stamping.

Lakeland Jo said...

I love craft fairs and gift fairs. My mum and I really enjoy them. There is a lovely one locally to us called the Holker Hall Winter Fayre. We go every year usually. I would love to think I would be well enough this year- we shall see. I always spend a small fortune. This year other half has promised me a visit to the Manchester Christmas fairs which apparently are excellent. I have heard a few people raving about them. Again- I hope I will be well enough to go

Daxingcujo said...

Hi Gill ..Love the new pictures for your page..the quilts are absolutely beautiful! Cards too!
Good luck stamping sounds fun.

LizBeth said...

Well, give her time. DD will understand about ailments one day. They get us all!! LOL Glad you had a good day out.

Liz, Waking up in The Republic

Stephanie V said...

The quilts are lovely - I agree about the poppy quilt. Great colors.

Too bad about the knitting booths, she said with a wistful smile.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Super pictures, what camera, please, I'm thinking of changing but am a novice. By the way, is the lady really called Honcoop? Not Hencoop?

John said...

Lots of great stuff there. I've been away for a few days, in "retreat" up at 'The Camp' and have to go to Sydney later this week.

Kim said...

I'm glad you had a good time - I have to save up so I can go next year and spend a fortune :)

Hope your feet are feeling better.