Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ducts, Scrunchies and Peas.....

Odd combination don't you think?

Had the heating ducts cleaned today.  The house is 12 years old and the heating ducts had never been cleaned out.  So just under $250 later (we also have an HRV system) they are nice and clean.  However this is only part of what came out:

Just nasty what we had been breathing in........

I picked up a 50 cent bag of scrap fabric the other day with the goal of making scrunchies for the girls.  Got 8 made with the bag of scraps.
The blue fabric is like a velvet/minky fabric that sheds like crazy, so had to give my machine a good clean out after I had finished.  So a little thread, 60 inches of 1/2 inch elastic and three scrap pieces of fabric and my time was all it took to make those.

Now for the peas.  Made a couple more sets of pea fabric produce bags.  I just love this fabric.
I will thread the drawstrings through after I publish this post, then they are all ready to sell.  A set of three is $20 in my shop.


William Kendall said...

One doesn't think about it, but that has to be done too.

Chris said...

Despite all the phone calls from duct cleaning companies I haven't had mine done for 4 years (seemingly it should be once every five years). The scrunchies are lovely but I must have missed the reference to peas. I will have to go back and reread the blog. I went to see "Downton Abbey" today, you must catch it before it leaves the cinemas.

Jackie said...

Love the scrunchies.

God bless.