Saturday, May 11, 2019

Fitzroy, Australia and lawnmower's.......

 When we decided to move from the UK  dh had a job offer in Australia.  At that time in the late 80's the soap opera Neighbours was a huge hit in Australia.  We ultimately decided that Canada was the place for us and here we are nearly 30 years later.

We are watching the series "Offspring," on Netflix at the moment, it's about an Australian Obstetrician Nina Proudman and her extended family.  The series is shot around the suburb (town) of Fitzroy in Melbourne.  I love the series and the characters, but most of all I love the houses in that area.  They are so "just me," so bright and airy and so different.  There is even a Pinterest board that shows different locations where the series was shot, here.  You can see different photo's of the lead character Nina's house here, it's gorgeous.

Just found a blog post here about Nina's apartment, so bright and airy.  I then went and googled houses for sale in Fitzroy and had to pick my mouth up from the you check them out.  Talk about bloody expensive, obviously I know nothing about Australia real estate.  The exchange rate between Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars is more or less on par.  

There is even a guide here that tells you where to visit to "relive" where characters from Offspring, shot their scenes. 

Now onto the lawnmower part of this post.  Bet you're wondering what one thing has to do with the other right?

At our old house all the gardening was taken care of, here we have to do it ourselves.  So ds gave us back our old lawnmower.  We got this one, I think three houses ago, so it was probably 15 years old.

To cut a long and boring story short, it was toast.  Dh gave himself a near hernia trying to start it, so I decided to put it on Facebook to sell.  The guy who came to pick it up was from Australia and lived very close to Fitzroy and knew the area well............small world or what?  So he took the lawnmower.  We went out and bought this one from Canadian Tire.  Electric start, so all I have to do is press a button.  Now it just has too stop raining!!


Joy said...

There's something very peaceful about mowing a lawn, despite the racket from the machine!

Jackie said...

Ohhh, another series for me to watch!!! Excellent.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

A good looking new mower.

Karen said...

By the time all this rain leaves us we will need a hay mower!

Rose said...

I am thinking I will have to check out that series, too. And I am always amazed at how small the world is. Some acquaitances were traveling on a train I believe, going to or in Switzerland. they are from a small town near me that has maybe a thousand people at most...and sat down on the rain by someone that was from that same community.

angela said...

Mowing the lawn is an Aussie pastime
Yes the house prices here I. Melbourne and Sydney are some of the highest in the world
I live in the south east of Melbourne about forty minutes from Philip Island on five acres.
To pay those prices and have people all around me isn’t my idea of fun
Because we have so much land. Our lawn mower is a ride on. Much much easier than pushing lol

Winifred said...

Like that lawnmower, nice shade of blue!!!!

Haven't heard of that programme.

I watch a programme in the UK called Wanted Down Under where people considering a move to Oz or New Zealand get to visit & check out life there for a week. You get a shock at the house prices & the cost of living even if the lifestyle looks good.