Friday, February 2, 2018

Walter Henry.........

Was talking to a friend on Facebook about cats, as she posted a cute video of her black cat.  I am quite sure my other friend who is part of the cat team at our local Humane Society said black cats are harder to re-home.  Not sure why as I love black cats.  We had a black cat growing up called Moggs, she was an outdoor cat most of the time which was normal back in Britain in the 70's.  When dh and I got married we got a cat, but she ended up going to live at a neighbours when we had our son.  Again he was an outdoor cat that came home to eat.  We never had litter boxes for either of those cats.

Not sure if you are a long time reader of my blog but we had a short bout of ownership of a male cat called Walter Henry, which you can read about here.  Unbeknownst to us dh is really allergic to cats, and over the years I am getting to be the same.  So poor Walter Henry only lasted a couple of days in our old house, before we had to take him back to the shelter.

As I mentioned before my friend is part of the cat team at our local shelter.  It's called Alliston and District Humane Society they do such good work.  I have learned a lot about what they actually do and without all the volunteers there would be a lot of animals without homes.  My friend puts in long hours at the shelter doing various projects.  One of the things she's helped implement is the kitten adoption programme where for a fixed rate, you get to adopt a kitten and get follow up medical care, which includes a spay or neuter in the cost.  They are also active in trying to get local feral cat populations down, by capturing cats and spay or neutering them and releasing them.  Feral cats tend to be hard to domesticate, if they are friendly though they will re-home but more often than not they are released back into the feral colony.

My heart though is with dogs first.  We would love another dog, but we don't live in a dog friendly neighbourhood.  However there are lots of dogs where we live, but lots of whining going on about them.  We actually live in the little white yapping dog capital of the world, and 90% of those dogs just want to nip and bite your ankles.  Give me a large dog any day.  I had a Bernese Mountain dog come up to me the other day, plop itself down in front of me, right on my feet and sat there so I could rub her chin.  Funniest girl ever, thought she was a lap dog!!

Are you a pet owner?  Did you buy from a breeder or adopt from a Humane Society or Animal Shelter?

As Bob Barker from the Price is Right Show always said at the end of every show:

"Help control the pet population: have your pets spayed or neutered."


Joy said...

Black cats are harder to re-home and are mistreated more round here too. The shelter said it is because of their association with witches. Tragic.
J x

Andi's English Attic said...

I have been reading on FB recently that people don't want black cats because they don't do selfies very well. Surely people can't be that shallow?

Evelyn said...

I like large dogs, can't stand small ones, but my passion is cats. My oldest is the offspring of a cat we had. the youngest came to us by way of our son, he and his friend needed to move to an apartment that couldn't take cats. she is so playful. Both are 100 percent indoor cats.

Anonymous said...

I prefer a dog over a cat, however, have had several of each over the years. When my kids were growing up we had a Springer Spaniel, she was such a lovely pet. No pets since she passed away, as no other dog would be as nice as she was.

At this time of my life, I choose not to have any pets.


William Kendall said...

I like dogs, but love cats. At this point though it's not really possible to have pets.

Anonymous said...

I like both. Have had 3 dogs and 3 cats. After I had to put my last dog down (18 yrs ) decided that was it with animals. 3 months later I found a small cat living under my deck and sleeping in my window well, this was in the winter temp was -28c. It wouldn't come to me so I started leaving food and it took 3 months before she was sleeping in my bed. A beautiful little thing that was declawed and fixed. The way she acts with me, it is like she knows I saved her from the hash life she was living. We have one of those little dropkick dogs next door , it comes flying at you teeth bared hair up , owner thinks it's funny. It has gone after 2 small children, told him I was calling police .
Didn't mean for this to become a book , sorry
Love your blog Barb Montreal qu.

Jackie said...

Since the boys were small we have always owned a cat. The vast majority of them have come from the Humane Society, but this last one was the runt of a litter that my neighbour found. Shania is now 16 years old, turning 17 this April. We love her to bits, the spoiled brat.

God bless.

angela said...

I have bought a cat from a breeder, a British shorthair. And the rest, I now have three cats, from shelters
The first two cats are indoor cats. But the newest two are going to be outdoor cats. Their job is to keep the rabbits from my garden beds!
They will spend most of their time at the shed with hubby and the boys. As our previous outdoor cats have.
And yes. I have a few friends that work in shelters, and the RSPCA. And black cats are harder to find homes for.
I love black cats and if there is one. I usually will take that.
Have you thought about a small bird for a pet?