Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Drooling over fabric...........

I have been drooling over/coveting (definition of coveting: to wish for earnestly)a new line of fabric; the William Morris collection for Moda Fabrics.  Click on this link to view the whole collection.  I still had some Christmas money left, so I splurged on a metre each of # 730023 and 730418.

The colours are so much brighter in real life.  

I then picked up .25 of a metre each of these Tula Pink fabrics for Free Spirit, from the Animal Spirit and Eden collections.  

Now thanks to looking at the Tula Pink site, I am now "coveting" the Bumble collection.

So the total of those 2.5 metres of fabric $55 😮 Not sure what I am making with then yet, but I will think of something.

I then picked up three metres (total) of these gorgeous fabrics called "Guess How Much I love You," by Cloth Works in the flannel.

It's in the pale green colourway, again in real life the colours are so much nicer.  Most of the rabbit print is to cover a nursing pillow, and the rest is to make some baby things.  It is so soft and although expensive, well worth the money.

Then finally I ordered some cork fabric from MM Cork Supply.  Carla a Facebook friend makes the most gorgeous things using this cork fabric, and I have been admiring her work for a long while.  You can see what she makes here.  So I decided to splurge and buy some cork to experiment with.  $70 later for three fat eighth's (13" x 18") and a quarter yard (18" x 26") it is expensive but it looks lovely.  So all in all I spent $200 on Fabric on Monday!!  

Now to get my creative juices flowing!!


Jackie said...

Love the fabrics..... Cork to sew with?? I hope you share what you make with it.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

The otter pattern is cute.

Winifred said...

Love that blue William Morris. Gorgeous!

Rose said...

Just happened to think with all the sewing you do, have you ever shopped at Thousands of bolts....just type in thousandsofbolts.com. The only thing the shipping is so high to Canada I don't know if you would be saving a lot. But maybe you you. Some fabrics are $4.95 and on up...the $4.95 is probably their older fabrics. They have in Stonehinge and they are 8.29. I have ordered from them a few times, and so has my duaghter. You do have to order a yard...but sometimes they have FQs here and there.

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