Friday, February 23, 2018

Sad Day on Thursday..

Finally had to give in sewing on my machine and book it in for a trip to the sewing machine hospital as it is sewing like a bag of hammers.  I have had this machine for going on 25 years now and love her.  I have a Husqvarna 1070, which isn't made anymore.  When I called the repair shop he said that just to warn me they cannot get any spare parts for this machine, so fingers crossed it will be only something minor.  The tension is all to pot on it.  It will be away for around two weeks 😢
All I had to finish sewing were clutch handles for a couple of cosmetic bags, but that will have to wait until I get my machine back.

I guess while it's away I should clean up the dining room table!!  It may look like chaos, but it's organized chaos!!
So I did manage to get another cosmetic bag sewn, this time using some Northcott fabric called Bollywood Bliss.  It's a fabric line from 2012 and you can't get it anymore, so I treasure it.

 I managed to sew in the pockets right way round and this time I added some interfacing to make them stiffer.
I also altered the cork to material ratio on this one.
As I said before I need to finish off the clutch handles, but can give them to the people as is.


Joy said...

My fingers are very crossed for the sewing machine. Here's hoping . . .
J x

Boyett-Brinkley said...

hope your machine gets fixed soon. I have a Bernina QE440 and everything plastic keeps fall of it. Fortunately almost all the plastic parts are available at the quilt shop I bought it at and I can replace them myself. However, I don't like that they break/fall off in the first place!

William Kendall said...

Hopefully they're able to make the repair.

barbara woods said...

hope he can fix it , i love all machines as these new ones a junk

Stella Jones said...

Well Gill, now is the time to get a new one! Don't throw good money after bad.
I got a new one for Christmas. It's a Singer Legacy and I love it. It does all sorts of things that I wasn't expecting. It really is beautiful. I've done a post on it in my Stitching Blog if you want to look.

Stella Jones said...

Here's the link.

Jane said...

What gorgeous fabric! Hope your machine is repairable!

Sarah M. said...

i hope that your machine can be repaired. My Pfaff 1473 is not in great shape. The bobbin winder broke. I hope your old friend can be repaired. The bags you are making are beautiful.

Boopnut said...

You are quite the sewer! I wish I had your talent!

Winifred said...

I hope you can get your machine fixed. It's awful the thought of losing it.
Mine is 52 now & a little bit of the holder for the thread had somehow snapped off ages ago but I managed to sew without it.
I had looked up the machine model on ebay to buy a walking foot for it & up popped a whole string of parts that someone had stipped off their machine to sell because the motor had burnt out. One of the parts was the bit I needed & it was less than a fiver with the postage so I jumped at it it! Now it stitches even better so it mus have improved the tension.
I would never have thought anyone would do that with a useless machine but obviously they do & it helps someone else like me fix their machine too.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Love your fabrics for the bags, absolutely gorgeous.