Thursday, February 22, 2018

Loblaws $25 gift card.......

Here in Canada, there has been a big debacle on the price of bread being fixed at a higher rate than it should have been, which basically means the bread companies have been in cahoots with the grocery stores to overly inflate the price of a loaf of bread.

Someone found out about this and all hell broke loose.  Loblaws is one of the big grocery store companies and decided to do damage control by admitting to it and giving you a $25 gift card to their stores if you had bought bread from their stores between certain dates.

As I shop at one of their stores (Zehrs) and have bought bread from them, I applied and got the $25 gift card this week.  Loblaws figures this will put them in a better light with the general public, to admit to this and give out the gift cards.  Plus I am guessing they figure it will be cheaper in the long run to give out these cards. 

There is an interesting article here about it all; there are a lot of negatives and pluses to all of this.  I personally won't be participating in a class action suit; I can't be bothered as like many people.  I will take the $25 use it at their stores, so it is a win, win for both me and the store.  I am getting something for free and they are getting more business.  I go to the store every week anyway, so this is no different from what I can see.

It does make you wonder though what else is being fixed price wise in all these grocery stores?  Did anyone else in Canada get the $25 Loblaw gift card?


Anonymous said...

I have applied for one, however, have yet to receive it.


Karen said...

I have applied but plan to give it to the food bank.

William Kendall said...

I haven't applied, nor do I see myself doing so. It feels like a weasel sort of thing for them to do, hoping it buys them a little goodwill, while really costing them little, but then I have an extremely low opinion of the Westons to begin with.

Winifred said...

Mmm! Not sure I would want to shop there any longer Gill but if it's a shop you like it's difficult to change. Sounds like a very dubious practice & as you say you wonder what else has been going on.

I try to buy from shops that treat their customers & their staff well. I don't buy from Amazon as their staff are treated so badly & I'd have to be really desperate before I bought from Starbucks who don't pay their taxes. Just as well I prefer Costa coffee! I have also never bought anything from Apple as their stuff is vastly overpriced while they get out of paying their taxes too. Greedy companies!

It's getting harder to buy from ethical companies & as for the banks I won't even go there! Hope you get a nice treat with your voucher. I think it should have been at least 50!

Evelyn said...

I applied but who knows when it will get here.