Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Shower prep.......

On Sunday I had the dishwasher on THREE times washing all the china for the baby shower.  Wanted to do it on a weekend, when the hydro is cheap through the day.  I rarely use my dishwasher, so I bet the poor thing is exhausted from all the use now!!

I also sat down and finalized my menu and printed out some recipes I would be using, and a shopping list of things that I have to buy.

We're having afternoon tea, so it's not like we have to feed the guests a full meal.  Here is my menu plan:

Egg & mayo sandwiches on white bread
Ham and mustard sandwiches on brown bread
Tuna & mayo sandwiches on brown bread
Cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches on white bread
Scones with raspberry jam and mock clotted cream. (I have used both the scone and cream recipe before with good results)

Peanut butter cookies
Choc-chip cookies
Sugar cookies
Chocolate and caramel cupcakes
Lemon cupcakes
Spice cupcakes
Fairy/Butterfly buns
Lemon Bars
Lemon Cranberry loaf
Marshmallow Crispie Bar

Tea: various loose leaf teas, or P.G. Tips, served with milk, sugar or lemon slices
Coffee: served with half and half and sugar (if needed)

The only thing I am not making are the sugar cookies, as dd best friend is making "fancy" baby themed ones, I hope; that's what I told her to do!  I am using cake mixes for the cupcakes due to time constraints, but "tarting" them up to make them special.  I am not 100% about the lemon bars; if I have time I will make them, if not it's not a big thing.

I think I am feeding 55, so as long as I do most of the baking and prep the day before (after I have come back from the Indian baby shower), everything should be fine.  The one thing I do have to do the day of, is make the scones as they are best fresh.  I will also make the sandwiches and decorate all the cupcakes.  There will be two dozen of each of the four flavours, so I think we'll be eating cupcakes for a while afterwards!!!!

I have the flowers to organize and a small cake to sort out for the top of the cupcake tree for the parents-to-be to take home with them.  Otherwise I think I am all sorted?????


Kaisievic said...

Wow! It all sounds delicious. A really comprehensive menu. Wish that I could come.

Dc said...

Blimey, you will need a rest after all that hard work. For a good cause though isn't it!

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

You are making ALL of this yourself, less the sugar cookies !!! A little help would be nice for you. Talk about me overdoing things woman !!!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh my goodness this sounds like an awful lot of work. It sounds wonderful though. I only have one question what time do we eat? B

~Carla~ said...

Wow,.. You are going to be busy! What a sweet thing for you to do!! :)

Rose said...

That is a lot of people to prepare for! Sounds like a delicious menu....

One Family said...

Sounds like a lot of baking and planning! 55 people? whew! you are amazing!

DeniseinVA said...

That is going to be a wonderful feast Gill. A big pat on the back for you too.

Aodhnait said...

Wow, afternoon tea for 55 that's nearly commercial catering!!

EG CameraGirl said...

What a lot of work for just one person. I think you must be a saint!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That is a lot of work for one person. Hope you have some help. I'm sure it will be great though.

Jane and Chris said...

I wish we lived closer,I'd help you out.
Jane x

Little Home In The Country said...

Wow, that's a LOT of people! I am planning a shower as well - for my DIL :) Hope yours goes well...