Saturday, January 6, 2018

Random thoughts and things......

I am going to do one of these blog posts each week, because sometimes things you want to say don't justify a full blog post.

This is what I wrote on my chalk board for January (all  my own words):
Friday was one of those days when you go outside and if you have any moisture in your nose it freezes; today will not be much better.  You have to warm up your car before going anywhere.  We are lucky here in Southern Ontario that we don't have to plug in our cars at night, like they do in the Prairies and Northern Ontario, as it's even colder there.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures my walking has been very little this and the treadmill must get better acquainted!!

Cutting things out of your diet which you love sucks...........just saying.........which in turn makes grocery shopping a pain in the'll get easier I guess?

Roll on the end of the month when I see the specialist and I can have a colonoscopy and get a good clean out😎  Not many people say that I'm sure!!!

Saw this post over at Lazy Daisy Jones where other bloggers give you their blogging tips, well worth the read.

Need to devote an afternoon to going through this, as I am a bit like what that image is at the moment😏


Joy said...

Love that cartoon - so very true!
J x

Karen said...

I was CRAZY cold yesterday. I had to go to hosp. for my preOP meetings for my knee replacement. Our medical facilities are spread over three different buildings that sit up on a hill, with nooks and crannies that catch the wind. It was BRUTAL. I'm now safely tucked in for the weekend. WHen I next open the door the outdoor temps should be near the freezing point.
Be careful out there, it is slippery as heck too.

William Kendall said...

The north wind really is bracing this time of year. I particularly notice the cold with how my beard ices up.

Jackie said...

Love the poem. I think you are getting our past weather. Don't worry things will warm up.

God bless.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's been horrid, hasn't it?! Let's hope for some warmer days!!!!

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