Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Barbie Clothes.........

Nitara was given a few Barbie Dolls from a friend, but very few, if any clothes with them.  So her mum gave me four of the dolls, so I could make some clothes for them and give them as part of her birthday gift.  One of the Barbie's I am keeping as my model; however I have discovered that not all Barbies are built the same.  Some have bigger bosoms (if that could be possiblešŸ˜•) and some have bigger butts than others???

Anyway, got her a bag of clothes made and here are some photos:

The strapless dress pattern is from here and it is such a great pattern and very easy to do.  Just follow the instructions, though I did alter it slightly as my Barbie's bosoms were a tad bigger so I increased the bodice size to 6 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.   I did not put straps in those dresses as these are for a five year old, so wanted to make them as easy as possible to put on.  I was given some Lycra swimsuit material and that is the best for the little leotards, and tube dresses.

The leopard print jacket pattern is from here.  Pretty straight forward and I made a matching skirt by sewing a tube and putting some elastic in the top.  I found a scrap of fleece type fabric in one of the scraps bags I bought at Fabricland.

The two tutu's are just netting with elastic threaded through the top of the waist.  I will never win an award for precision, but I bet the girls (made a set for Nora as well) will love them.

By the way I bought this set from Amazon and the quality was rubbish.  The dresses were awful, I am just hoping that they shoes and other accessories are okay, as then it was worthwhile ordering them.

I will continue to make dresses for them as it's fun and I have a few ideas of my own I want to try out.

By the way despite washing all the Barbies hair and dousing them with conditioner their hair still looked like a rats nest, so I found some pony tail bands and just put their hair in a pony tail.  I am getting too old for this brushing a Barbie's hair lark!!!


Practical Parsimony said...

I loved making Barbie clothes. Those are cute. I sent oldest daughter, 48, some of her Barbie clothes that I still had. Then, the other day I found a vest that goes with culottes I had sent her. Hopefully, the two pieces are reunited after so many years.

Evelyn said...

I love barbies! Hope to have a granddaughter some day that also loves them.

Frugally challenged said...

Just seen the results of Mean Queen's walking challenge. Well done you! Tuppence to talk to you.

William Kendall said...

Nitara will appreciate that!

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