Sunday, January 7, 2018

Family Rug........

Once upon a time, there was a family who went out and bought rugs for their respective homes.

First it was the daughter who purchased the rug for her living room.

The mother and father admired it and decided they would like one for by their front door.  They ordered it and lo and behold it turned out they had ordered the same colour as the daughter.

Son and wife were visiting the same store and saw a beautiful rug on clearance/sale and thought that it would look perfect in their dining room.  They brought it home and it turns out it is the same colour as sister's and parents rug.

Son's wife's parents saw the rug and loved it also, so they went out and bought one.......this time though in a different colour, and I think it was for the laundry room.

Mother and Father needed a new rug for their dining room and after searching high and low decided that the rug they wanted was going to be the same rug as the rest of the family; BUT they would get it in a different colour..............

When the parents got to the store and saw the colour of rug in real life (chili), they HATED it, so decided to stick with the tried and true colour.

Their rug should be here in a couple of weeks and they will be very happy.

That is the story of the family who all love the same rug.  THE END

Here is the rug, which you too can buy from Pier One as well. 

Ours are all in the teal colour and it is a very hard wearing rug which will last for years.


T'Pol said...

That's a cute story. Needless to say I liked the rug too since I have a bedspread with the same pattern in a lighter teal and cream color. Haha!

Evelyn said...

nice rug!

William Kendall said...

Quite a story!

Jane said...

Well all of you can't be wrong - it must be one heck of a nice rug!

Jackie said...

You all have great taste.

God bless.

Rose said...

For some reason this strikes me as hilarious...sitting here with tears in my eyes. It must be nice for everyone to like it...I do like the color.