Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More from the Home Show.......

There were a number of gardening organizations at the Home show as it was also a garden show.  One of the things we saw was a company called Bufco (The Backyard Urban Farm Co.)  They were promoting the benefits of raised bed gardening.  Now to be honest with you it's a great idea, saves the back.  I decided to check out their website and once I got over the shock of how much they charge for their raised beds, I checked out the rest of their site.  You can sign up for a newsletter to get free tips etc.  I would like to add at least one raised bed this year....we'll see.

There was a flower arrangement competition going on as well.  All the following photos are arrangements that won ribbons.  Now between me and you in some cases I have no idea why.  Obviously the judges idea of good arrangements and mine differ........but I guess that's what makes the world an interesting place to live!!!

This one was super tall and that was part of the category.

"Three's a Charm," so they all had to have three of something.

This one was inspired by lightening?
I love Terrariums, and this one is a beauty.  Here is a link on how to make your own.
This one was in the "Lucky Duck," category?
These are wooden roses, the lady said they were made of birch and they got them from the States.  They were also scented and actually very realistic.


j udy said...

Ive seen the wooden roses being sold at craft fairs around here. They usually run about 4/5.00

Dont worry Im keeping up with your blog :)

Anonymous said...

The flower arrangements are very sculptural and modern!

Rose said...

I really like some of these arrangements.

I have been wanting a raised bed for strawberries for a long time...and would't mind having them for some other stuff, too.

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