Sunday, February 24, 2013

At the Home Show in Mississauga.

We went to the Home Show at the International Centre in Mississauga on Saturday.  I bought tickets on Wagjag or Groupon for half price, so instead if it costing $15 each to get in, I paid $15 for the two of us.  We had walked around the place in a couple of hours as there wasn't too much to see; but it was well worth us going as we got a couple of things and saw a number of things we would like to add to the house in the future.

First let me apologise for the photos,  I swear none are in focus!!!  Anyhow one thing I have always wanted it a cupola on top of the garage or shed.   This one was gorgeous, as were there copper gutters.  The company name was Custom Aluminum Inc. and here is a link to their website, which isn't very good, they need to perk it up a lot!!

We were blinded with this place and all their LED trees.  Although pretty I am not sure who on earth would want one of these especially at that price?  Funny thing though is on their business card is the cell phone number for them in China!!!  They sell all sorts of LED lights and here is a link to their website, they are in Brampton, Ontario.
Please excuse how out of focus this next photo is, but I had to show you these.  All these sculptures are free standing stones just placed on one another. 

I honestly did not believe the guy, so I made him take one apart and I felt the stone so it is real, and he didn't put holes in them.  I have no idea how he did it, but the way he balances one on top of the other is marvelous.  The guy came from Vancouver.
There was a display of Edward Michell paintings.  So what you say, his work is stunning and what he used in each of his pieces is really neat.

"Michell breathes dark life into each work by incorporating into his palette such raw natural ingredients as: tar, crushed diamonds natural ochres, gold and silver leaf, and paints made from blueberries, raspberries, beets, grass and leaves. He transforms elements of the land into works of art that portray his perspective of the world as both dynamic and optimistic."

I was not allowed to take photos of his work and honestly the photos on his website do not do his paintings justice, but please click on this link to take a look, they were really lovely.

Now the best part of the day for me was when I got a really good freebie.  Do you remember back in September of last year I bought a steam cleaner at another home show?  Here is the post about it.  No amount of washing gets the pads super clean, so when I saw the person selling the same machine as mine at the same price I asked him in front of other people if he would sell me some new pads.  He said fine they were $20 for three.  Anyhow you know me, can't keep my mouth shut, so I started talking to the folks around him about mine and how I love it and it's good for all these things etc.  He sold three to people who were iffy about buying one because of what I said and he gave me my pads for free!!!!

I still swear by the machine and think it was totally worth it's money.  We also paid $20 for a pair of ratchet handle choppers, which was a super price as well.  Plus Kelloggs All-Bran Cranberries & Clusters cereal was being promoted, so I have breakfast now for the next couple of days!!  I have more to show you, but will do that later in the week.

Finally has anyone had any experience with Zulily  I would love to order a couple of things from there but don't know anything about them?


Lena said...

What a fun day you had! I love trees decorated with lights for Christmas but not for this price, that's for sure!!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I am so glad you shared about the stacked rocks! The landscaper for our neighborhood has done that at our entry way and I actually thought they were a little crazy but now I see that it is a landscaping trend!! Good to know! As far as Zullily goes -- I look at it but have never bought anything. I would like to though.

Jane and Chris said...

The LED trees were in Costco..can't remember the price though.
Jane x

Jane said...

VERY interesting about the stacked rocks - might have to try that in PEI with the million rocks that are in our laneway :) I love how you got the free pads - it always pays to speak up!

Cash Only Living said...

I LOVE home shows! Unfortunately I often see too many things that I NEED which kind of defeats the purpose of saving money (kind of like walking into a Costco!).

angela said...

The rock sculptures look amazing. I wouldn't be able to balance square blocks that high let alone rocks. Lol. Thanks for taking us on your day out with you

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