Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update on the wedding.........

I haven't mentioned the wedding in a while, have I?  Things have been going on in the background and now we are on a countdown as it is less than 10 weeks away now.

The invites are out for the Bridal Shower which happens on October 2nd.  Maid of Honour is in charge of the shower.  Both the grooms mother and I are doing most of the food, and the bridesmaids are helping out with other things.  I know "K" (maid of honour) has got it planned down to every minor detail.   Both dd and "K" are "type A" personalities and it will be picture perfect on the day.  Which actually takes the pressure off me, as if I only have to do the food, that's a no brainer!!!!

The wedding invites went out last week and dd is starting to get replies.  She rang me up on Monday night to say how surprised she was with the out pouring of love and excitement she has received from people emailing and RSVP-ing her about the wedding.  People were saying how excited they were to be invited and how they couldn't wait.  A co-worker was telling her how she had gone out and bought a dress for the wedding.  She is getting such a positive response which is so nice.  As at the end of the day all dd and future son-in-law want are people to be there to celebrate their special day with them.

I see Blair had posted her new 2011 Fall collection on her website, so I can show you the inspiration for my fascinator for the wedding.  It is on the fourth row far right:  and is called Duchess Monarchy.  Mine will not have the cameo on it, and is going to be black and navy blue with beading on it.  I actually can't wait to see it as she does such gorgeous work.

I am actually going to the hairdressers tomorrow to talk about how I want my hair for the wedding and get it washed, cut and styled.  Now that may not seem a great deal but it is to me as I hate going to the hairdressers!!

All the guy's suits are ordered now, so that is all sorted.  Dd and future son-in-law have invited both sets of parents to go to the tasting meal at the venue next month.  We're hoping to see the florist soon to see a mock up of the centre pieces and go over a couple of things.

Dd and future son-in-law had a meeting with the venue and went over everything with them.  Dd sat down with the photographer and got all that organized. 

Hotel rooms are booked for immediate family and I know a card went out in the invites letting everyone know about the special rate dd had negotiated at the hotel if anyone wanted to stay over.  Wedding cake is all sorted, nothing to do there but pay for it.

D.J, I think there has to be another meeting sometime next month to go over any further details there.  Dd has put together programmes for everyone and they are nearly done.  I can't wait to show you them as they are lovely.  The girls came over and boxed up the jam and put ribbons and tags on them, again just lovely. 

Dd got a Cricut for her birthday last year and that has paid for itself time and time again doing things for the wedding.  So for anyone planning a wedding and is crafty that is the thing to buy to save yourself some money.

Dd dress should be coming next month can't wait to see it, as it's a combination of two dresses so no one has actually seen it yet.  My dress should also be arriving next month as well; fingers toes and everything else crossed I don't need any alterations.

So all in all everything seems to be under control.  No doubt things will arise as the day draws closer but dd is very organized so I am not worried.


Kaisievic said...

You sound very organised, Gill. That is great.

Jane and Chris said...

It's all go isn't it!
Jane x

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Love weddings! My dd sounds like your dd and she had everything decided before hand, it was just a matter of putting it together. It is wonderful when they know what they want! I love the fascinator -- I think it will be lovely. I look forward to seeing photos of this wedding -- it sounds wonderful.

BTW -- start with Aunt Dimity's Death -- these are short books and won't take you long.

Rose said...

Everything is working out so good for you guys...

Karine said...

It sounds like you're pretty much all set, how exciting!

EG CameraGirl said...

It's great that the wedding is so well organized!

Stella Jones said...

Not long now then Gill and I'm sure you are all very excited. it's been great to follow along as the preparations took place.
Love the fascinator. It's going to look so elegant.