Sunday, August 21, 2011

One butt ugly tomato and update on ds

When we got home on Saturday afternoon, this was sitting on the chair out front:

Now that is one butt ugly tomato!!!

However when I got it all cut up there turned out to be a lot of useable tomato in there, and it tastes really good too.  We think it was our neighbour down the road that dropped it off, I gave him a pot of jam the other week.

I am having problems with my tomatoes, their bottoms are all black and soft.  Not too sure what the problem is.

Ds has gone home.  Wish he hadn't but knew he had to go at some time.  He's still not well, got a rotten cough, and is just plain worn out.  He did come with us to get his suit ordered for the wedding, with dh and the bridegroom.  All going to look really smart.

He ordered a burger and fries for lunch but could only manage the burger which is so unlike him.  Then he had a bread roll with meat and cheese for supper.  He would normally have had a couple but he couldn't manage more than one.  At least he is eating a little and I am sure his appetite will increase in time.  He had lost 5 pounds the first three days he was sick.  He is at least drinking plenty so that is good.


Rose said...

Oh, I had a tomato that looked just about like this...I didn't try to cut it up...had a soft bad spot on it so figured it would be yukky throughout. At least have that taste.

How far does your son live from you...I think you said or at least said something that made me think it is not real close. It is at times like this that we wish we were near our kids.

Kaisievic said...

Glad to hear that your son is getting better.
K xoxox

~Carla~ said...

That is an ugly tomato, but they can't all be beauties! ;)

Glad your son is on the mend & at least eating a little... Thats a good sign! :)

My hubby had pneumonia years back & lost 40lbs he was so took him a few months to get back to "normal".. Was horrible! :(

Karine said...

That is the weirdest tomato I have ever seen!

I'm glad that ds is doing better, hopefully he won't overdo it at work now!

Jane and Chris said...

A true country tomato!
Glad that DS is feeling better, but hope he doesn't push it or he'll be back to square one (and I don't mean the shopping mall!).
Jane x

EG Wow said...

I must admit that tomato is not the prettiest I have ever seen. :)

Hope you son feels better soon. How come mothers never stop worrying about their kids?

Denise said...

We never stop worrying about our kids do we? Wishing ds back to his old self very quickly. The poor lad must be worn out with all the coughing. We can buy those tomatoes at the store and they are simply called ugly tomatoes. I bought one once and it was very tasty but then so are the others and they are less expensive. Obviously not as good as home grown.

The Witch said...

That truly is a ugly tomato, but you put it too good use without tossing it.
Hope your son is on the mend soon.
The growing seasons has not been the best this year with all the rain and cold temp. here that most of the tomato plants are drying.