Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Deal, allergies and other bits and bobs

There is a good deal going on at Sobey's (Ontario, not sure about the rest of the provinces?) when you buy $20 of the following products, you can send in for a $20 Sobey's gift card, page 9 from the flyer.

valid with purchase of any combination of the following participating products in one transaction for a total of $20 or more (before taxes) at participating Sobeys stores: Gatorade Perform® and G2 Perform™ Beverages, all Aquafina® bottled water and Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins™ vitamin enhanced waters*, Lipton® Iced Tea (excluding Brisk®) 12 x 355 mL and Dole Sparklers® 12 x 355 mL beverages. Participating products must be purchased between July 29th, 2011 and August 11th, 2011 and must be purchased in the same transaction to be eligible for the Gift Card offer.

I also took part in the Shopper's Drug Mart promotion on Saturday, when you spend $75 you got a $20 Petro Canada Gas Card.  That paid for half of filling my gas tanks for the lawn tractor.

On Sunday I got a lot of the grass cut.  Still have around a third of the field to do, hoping to get that done tonight.  However when I got back in around 8pm, I was ready to pull off my nose, so popped a couple Benadryll pills.  For those of you with allergies, should I continue with the pills until I stop cutting the grass, or should I just take them after I come in from cutting the grass.  I feel fine this morning, just tired, as the Benadryll makes me tired.

We were also hanging drywall (plasterboard) yesterday so that too was a dusty job, so maybe that contributed as well?

Got company coming for lunch today, so need to get going as I have a few things to prepare.  Nothing exciting, just a quiche, some scones, some muffins and a raspberry sour cream pie for dessert from this recipe.


JudiB said...

Great news about Molly..thank heavens she is feeling better. Now you can also Not like you don't have enough on your plate these days.
Coyotes we have also. If you talk to your local farmers you will find there are some that will offer to come and shoot the coyote for you. The last thing you need is one that familiar with your home.
LOL..your stuck with the
Have a great day ..hope this humidity goes away.
Oh yes I stay on allergie pills til is easier for me..everyone is different.
Enjoy the day..Judi

Scrappy quilter said...

You do have a lot of grass to cut. Have a wonderful lunch. Hope the weather cools down for you. It's hot here!! Hugs

Karine said...

We don't have Sobey's or Shopper's Drugmart in Quebec. Our grocery stores are Metro, Provigo, IGA and Loblaw's and the drug stores are mostly Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix.

As for allergy pills, you should try Aerius. You take one a day and they last 24 hours!!! They're non drowsy too, I love them.

~Carla~ said...

You got some great deals! Yay on the gas card too! As for allergy pills, you should be taking one every 24 hrs around the same time of day for them to work best.