Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living in a smaller home?

I saw this post about people living in small houses under 100 square feet.  We live in around 2,200 square feet and some days I would love the rooms to be bigger, other days not so.......  Could you live in a home as small as 100 square feet?

We changed insurance companies last month, I may have mentioned it, not sure?  Anyhow for the house insurance they wanted to do a home inspection.  So the guy came, nice guy and did what he had to do.  We got the results back and they have put our insurance up nearly $60 for the whole problem there.  Why they did that made us laugh.  To rebuild our house it would cost nearly $700,000.....okay that would probably make sense as its all stone and the woodwork would take a lot to replicate.  The out buildings would cost $138, this point me and dh looked at one another and said "what outbuilding?"  We have a garage that is more "holy than godly!!"  The shed, well one good push and the whole thing would topple over!!

Then our belongings are insured for another $625,000.  I told dh I was going to call the insurance company and ask them what they thought was worth that sort of money, as I was planning on selling it!!!  As I can't even come close to $100,000 never mind over $600,000.  Not sure if I also told you of the "argument" I had with them about how much wood we burn a year.  According to them there was no way on earth we could burn 3 bush cords of wood.  She even asked her supervisor who said the same..........after a couple of minutes of going back and forward with them, I gave in and agreed it was only 3 face cords........I wonder why I paid for three bloody bush cords of wood then!!!!!

Oh these city folks who work in offices downtown and never go to the country side!!!!


Lori said...

townies. A friend went into the bank to take a loan out to dig a well. Was explaining how much "per foot" it would cost. The banker asked why he didn't just drill a shallower well?

Insurance. Yup, its a necessary evil. Do you wonder if those people even venture further than a Starbucks?

Scrappy quilter said...

As to the 100 sq. ft. house. I'll have to answer that once we move. We are going from 1500 sq. ft. to 842 sq. ft. Quite a difference. I'm thinking though I'm going to love it. Hope you have a great day. Hugs

Jane and Chris said...

We had the same stupid discussion with the insurers last year. "Did your wife want to insure her jewellery separately?"
Oh yes, sure...what's a 30 pound wedding ring worth nowadays?
Jane x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

ha,ha,ha,ha...I think I will take a picture of the wood Rob puts in from out bush this summer, then hopefully remmeber to post another after Winter has ended.

Stella Jones said...

Just make sure you're adequately insured for fire! (wink)

Karine said...

Ugh, insurance...I know probably should have some, but I don't. In my opinion, I don't really anything that's worth insuring or that couldn't be easily replaced that I would not grab and run out of the apartment with!

As for living in a smaller home: I did it for two years and moved to a bigger apartment because I was going nuts!!!

Rose said...

Gill, I thoroughly enjoyed the link to the videos of the small places to live. Very interesting.

I must have missed you changing insurance...I feel your frustration with trying to convince them how much wood you burned...tell them to come live with you and burn just three 3 face cords...shoot we live in Indiana, and my friend burns 3 face cords...your winter is longer and possibly harder...but not sure about the last.

Kevin Surbaugh said...

Thank you for the shout out. I have always been fascinated with these small houses of less then 100 sf.
The guy with 24 rooms in his his 500 sf apt is pretty awesome to.