Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I could think of other words, but I think sighing will do for now.  I have decided I must have been a bad devil in another life as I swear it's one step forward and two steps back at the moment.

Got the carpet installed finally on Monday.  Was supposed to come after lunch; didn't turn up until 4pm.  Nice guys though, but they managed to scratch my paintwork and wood work.  I know it couldn't be helped but even so {{SIGH}}  The carpet though does look good and I will get photos taken.

Went to the dentist again yesterday and came out of there with another prescription for antibiotics and an appointment for May 26th to have my root canal redone {{{SIGH}}}  The only good thing about it all the dentist is doing it for free.  However I could really have done without going through that again.  Mind you I can't go on with rotten toothache all the time either.

This weather bloody well sucks at the moment.  We have had to put the heating back on as it is so cold wet and miserable.  One thing with the winter weather it is generally bitter cold but it is a dry cold.  When it's wet and miserable like it is now it tends to get into your bones and makes everything ache.  Mind you that could have something to do with getting old as well!!!

I have a hundred men in my head pounding on drums at the moment.  Not sure if its the weather or what it is, I just wish they would take a break and move on to someone elses head {{{SIGH}}}

I am going to make a point of taking some photos and posting them on my blog for tomorrow as I need a more perkier post as this one is just plain miserable!!!

Have a good Wednesday.........


Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Thats awfully late for carpet layers to arrive, how long did they take to finish the job, did they scratch the paint because they were hurrying? Will you be able to touch it up without touching the carpet?
Know how you feel about the weather - 'cept we are on our way into winter where you are supposedly way on your way out of it.
Take care

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Being a "migraine" headache sufferer myself, Gill, I am sure the weather is putting those guys with the drums to work in our heads, as so many I have been talking to the past week have been getting these same "vicious" headaches. I finally relented, since I could not stand the thoughts of cutting my head off from the neck up, and finlly took two T2's & two ibuprofens. A "tad" relief was better then none. Look forward to your "new" carpet pictures.

Jane and Chris said...

The weather sucks!
Nuf said.
Jane x

~Carla~ said...

Aww... Hope your day picks up! :) Some days are just like that... but hopefully the good ones outnumber the bad!

Piece by Piece said...

"The weather bloody well sucks" is right, I have had enough.
Last week was a (sigh) week for me, I was paying out money, money and more money. On top of regular monthly bills, house and cars insurance, hair permed, car repaired and oil changed, brass marker for DH, and income tax,and on and on. Speaking of income tax, why does the government give you a death benefit payment and then take one fifth of it back in taxes (SIGH).

Hope your toothache and headache are getting better, and the rest of your Wed. is good.

Shammickite said...

But just think how lovely the new carpet will look when everything is finished!
I agree about the crummy weather, it's been far too cold and rainy all week, and I think the long weekend isn't going to be much better.

Rose said...

Sorry you aren't feeling has been a while since I have had a toothache but have had enough of them till I would just as soon never, ever have another one.

Also been a while since I had a bad headache...I used to go through spells of getting ones where if someone would have hit me up the side the head with a ball bat, it would have felt better.

DeniseinVA said...

I feel for you Gill. Hope your migraine clears up quickly. They'r so nasty.

Albedo said...

You'll be pleased to hear it's wet & very windy in the Outer Hebrides today, so much so that I couldn't finish some needy work in the garden! Looks like staying that way until after the weekend too, so summer is delayed yet again!
Hope your head is better now...

Karine said...

I know what you mean about the weather Gill, it has been getting me down too! At least it was a bit warmer today and I was able to walk home for the second day in a row!

The Witch said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
Glad the root canal will be done for free, but a second time is no fun.
Long weekend coming up, and hopefully your hubby will have the day off and you guys can do something fun.

angela said...

Oh dear, how terrible for you. Once the teeth are done you will feel much better. I know how you feel about the paint. It happened to me and its such a pain to redo stuff you thought you had finished. have a nice cuppa and go to bed and sleep. You sound as though you need rest