Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My to do list from yesterday

I was quite surprised at how much I managed to achieve yesterday.  Infact I did more than I thought I would get done.  As our living room is one of those rooms you all have; "if in doubt stick it in there room."   I got a bit of that sorted out and threw a couple things away.

Clean the bathrooms

Do a load of laundry.

Go and vote. Although we did vote, they didn't make it easy for us, as there were no signs indicating it was the voting station other than a very small one on the main door, but as you have to park at the back of this place a fat lot of good that did!!!  Luckily someone pointed us in the right direction!!

Do more work in the attic, still got some primer to put on a couple of places and sand down the baseboards where I filled in the nail holes.  Hopefully get the first coat of paint on the ceiling.

Made a gourmet supper........I am being sarcastic here!!! Got four chicken breasts out of the freezer yesterday, so will cook them and have two for tonight's supper and two for tomorrow nights supper.

Got a couple of phone calls to make.

Try and clean some of the house.

Plant the cotoneasters.........though I already know that won't happen!!

Plus a hundred and one other things that need doing.
So did manage to make a dent in the to do list.  Should have gone outside after supper to do some gardening, but was just too tired to do that.
My to do list for Tuesday is pretty simple:

Got to work

Make supper

Anything after that will be a bonus!!  Hope you have a good day on Tuesday........


JohnD said...

Good girl - have a cuppa!

angela said...

Well done! Good job!!

Winifred said...

Oh my Gill, you exhaust me you really do work hard.

I gave up to do lists when I retired. I just do what I feel like now. Lazy lump that I am.

As long as the bathroom & the downstairs loo are clean the rest can wait. I had a friend who used to tell me that 2 weeks dust doesn't look any worse than 1 week's. I didn't used to believe her but I think I do now.

I will definitely go out to vote on Thursday though, that's one thing I won't procrastinate about. Luckily we vote just along the road in the same place all the time so not far to go.

Take care!

Valerie said...

We do postal voting so I can spend the day doing something I like!