Saturday, November 27, 2010

Went grocery shopping Friday morning,

and got my turkey.  Paid just under $9 for it, so it must be around 11 to 12lbs in weight, which is ample big enough for us.  As there is nothing worse than eating turkey for days on end.

Anyhow saw a couple of interesting things while I was at the grocery store.  So the first snow plow wander by......luckily not because there was any snow, but they were salting/sanding the roads.  We had a horrible weather night on Thursday night with a lot of rain and really, really windy.  Anyhow, the temperature must have dropped like a stone, as I saw all the sidewalks had also been salted/sanded.

Also as I was paying my bill a Mennonite carriage with two horses trotted past the window, it was a closed carriage like this one.  It turns out there is a hitching post out back for them.  Anyhow we all discussed how much easier and cheaper it would be to have a carriage and horses, than paying for gas/petrol for a car etc.  However I then piped up about there was one downside to that, there is no heating in those carriages!!!

Now I know I am Miss Hot Flash,  but even I had to put the heating on in the car on Friday morning!!  Didn't wear my winter coat of course, or a hat or mitts, but did put the heating on low.  Back to the Mennonites, there are some farms north west of us with Mennonites farming them, no idea about them though.  I don't see them that often in the grocery store, but when I do they are generally very friendly.

When I came home from shopping I made a Shepherd's Pie, I love shepherd's pie, don't make it that often but it is a hearty meal.

I make mine using ground/minced beef, browned in a pan with a chopped up onion.  I then drain the fat from it, add a chopped up carrot or two, a couple packets of oxo (check out that oxo site for some good recipes as well), some "W" sauce, seasonings, and top up with water.  Bring back to boil and boil for around 20 minutes.  I then thicken it with a couple teaspoons of cornstarch/flour and Bisto powder.  Bring back to a boil and then pour it all into a casserole dish.

You then add mashed potatoes on top and pop in the oven at 375 oF until heated through and the top is nice and crispy.  You can also add some grated cheese on top if you want.  To bulk up the meat mixture just add more veggies.  Shepherd's Pie also freezes great, so make a couple at a time and pop the other in the freezer for a quick meal.

We also like the meat mixture on its own on top of toast; haven't had that in a long while either thinking about it.......

I would also love it if you can pop by LizBeth's blog as she writes about a lovely little girl in Russia looking for her forever family.  She is asking that everyone donates $5 to help this little one.  Even if you don't want to donate, just read Olga's story. 

And finally pop by this blog and I bet you will be laughing at this poor will make you smile all day just thinking about the look on his face!


JohnD said...

We also buy a small turkey - ussally a 'buffet turkey' - i.e. has been boned and is an 'ezi-carve'. Nevertheless as to what type we buy, we get a roast meal for dinner, cold cuts on toast for brekkie and then I bone down (or chop up) the remaining meat and curry it, dividing the curry meal into 2 meals, one for immediate eating and one for freezing for a future meal. None of it goes to waste, 'cos even a turkey frame is thrown in the pot as a stock base for soup!

Valerie said...

My mouth is watering at the sight of your Shepherd's Pie. That and Cottage Pie are our favourites though I do find mashing the potatoes more difficult lately. We had our first snowfall during the night but it's not half as bad as some areas of the UK. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Gill, thanks so much for pointing your readers to Olga. We are praying she'll be matched with a wonderful family soon. This sure would be the season for new beginnings. Reece's Rainbow is a reputable charity that helps families afford international adoptions. Those who feel led to do so can give safely. Thanks!

That shepherd's pie looks good enough to eat right now!! I wasn't hungry a minute ago, but now . . . . . ~Liz

Stephanie said...

Thanks for writing about Olga!! I'm praying a family will commit to her by Christmas. If she has a family committed she will be spared a life in an institution when she ages out of the orphanage.

Thanks again I appreciate every effort!

i wish i has some of that shepherds pie! That was an old stand by when I was growing up.

Anonymous said...

A turkey for $9.00!? Wow.. I have to buy a BIG turkey this year, probably 30lbs and i'm dreading the cost!! Ouch!!

Your dinner looks wonderful! I love meals like that when it gets cold, which here, it is for sure! lol!

Jane and Chris said...

I love shepherd's pie too, but obviously I make a vegan version.
jane x
PS I look just like that doggy in my winter hat too!

Karine said...

That shepherd's pie looks super yummy!!! I may see if I have a recipe for making one in my crock pot!

Thanks for the link to the picture of the dog, I got my giggle for the morning!

Stella Jones said...

ooooh yes, shepherd's pie, delicious and you make it just right. Not the same without bisto and oxo, of course. Also nice with tinned tomatoes in and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Any other variations? I like the idea of the cheese on top.
Now going back to check out about the Amish. Love their way of life.
Blessings, Star

DeniseinVA said...

Your shepherd's pie looks delicious Gill. Makes me want to buy the fixings next time I go to the store. That little dog is adorable, thanks for the smile.

Rose said...

Shepherd's pie looks delicious and does sound simple.

Another thing about the closed buggy, while they don't take case, the horses take feed and care. You can't just park them and leave them for a week at a time.

The Witch said...

Your Sheppard pie looks delicious.
Hubby doesn't like it ( awful childhood memories) so I don't make it.
Now I have a craving for it, so I guess when I'm off at Christmas I'll make it and serve him left over Turkey.

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