Saturday, May 24, 2008

A very tired British Woman......

Today we had a garage sale. I remembered to take a before photo, but forgot to take an after photo....sorry. Anyhow, it was a successful day, but very tiring.

We have had yard sales at this house before but it hasn't been a great success, as we are a side street. However today we were pretty busy and got rid of a pile of stuff. I always find it funny that the things you would expect to sell quickly never go, we had a sofa set and kitchen table and chairs we thought would sell, no one bought them. I put out three old style suitcases and they all went, as did the cheap plastic outside lights that the builder put up.

So I will call the Salvation Army on Monday and see if they will come and pick up the sofa set, and kitchen table and chairs. They may as well sell them at their store and make some money for the Salvation Army.

We made just under $200, and me and dd split it between us. I used some of my money to go to Shopper's Drug Mart to take advantage of the 20 x the points event today. We also got fish and chips with some of the money for supper as well. I will fill the car with gas with the rest of the money. Plus of course we have space now in our basement.....YEAH!!!!!!

Now a funny thing happened this afternoon...........well you will all find it funny I didn't!!!!! We have a swing outside with a canopy over it. I was sitting outside and thought I'd lie down on it for a few minutes. I fell asleep. It was sunny out and needless to say, what with being outside all morning in the sun, and sleeping in the sun, my poor face, especially my nose is bright red. I can see my poor nose peeling in the future!!!

Then the real stinger dd says to dh, shouldn't we wake mom up? Dh didn't answer dd, and they carried on playing Wii...........oh to have such a caring family!!

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