Friday, May 30, 2008

FOF for May 30th.

Had to run a couple of errands, so as coffee was on sale at A & P, figured I may as well pop in there, as we needed coffee this week. Plus they had those baby watermelons on sale, and as I am the only one that likes watermelon, buying a big one is overkill. The baby ones are a perfect size for me.

Anyhow, as I was picking up the coffee I figured I may as well check out the rest of the Maxwell House Coffee, as it all has expiration dates on them, and there it was a can of coffee that had expired. In fact there were a few cans expired, but all of the same flavour, so you can only take one at a time. Also as I have fallen in love with the Tropicana Pur juice, figured I would see if there was any more expired, and sure enough there was another one. So got two things for free that I really wanted.

So all in all I spent $8.97, and brought home another $8.48 worth of things for free. Gotta love A & P!!!

I will pop in again tomorrow when I am out at Shopper's Drug Mart (big points redemption day tomorrow, I will post about that tomorrow) and hopefully get some more coffee!!!


DeniseinVA said...

Hello, me again, Denise. I am so enjoying your blog but would you please explain to me what FOF means? I feel a bit of a dunce. I presume it is 'free' something or other. I have heard it before and have tried doing a search on the abbreviation but couldn't find this particular one. Thanks.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Hi Denise, I have been meaning to put an explanation on FOF on the side bar of my blog but haven't gotten around to it yet, sorry.

Basically it means this:

If you find any spoiled item in our store, just bring it to the Customer Service Desk and we'll give you a fresh replacement free of charge. Here's what you need to know about our guarantee:
Products with ‘Best Before Dates’ are not fresh on the day shown. For example, if the ‘Best Before Date’ is September 1st, it is not fresh on September 1st.
Fresh replacements are provided instantly. If a fresh replacement is not available, an alternative item of similar value will be substituted. Rain checks will not be issued. Fresh replacements are limited to the first item free.
With multiple items like a bad banana in a bunch, we’ll replace the individual item.
For the guarantee to be valid, a purchase is required of equal or greater dollar value than the ‘fresh or free’ replacements in a single shopping transaction, excluding the ‘fresh or free’ replacements. For example, if the total shopping purchase (excluding the ‘fresh or free’ replacements) in a single transaction is $10.00, you may receive up to $10.00 of ‘fresh or free’ replacements.
The guarantee applies to same day shopping only.
The following items are excluded from the guarantee:
Reduced items: we acknowledge that these are not in optimal condition.
Damaged items.
Berries: the fragility of this product makes it impossible for us to guarantee freshness in every container.
Naturally occurring imperfections that don’t affect freshness:
Produce with minor bruises and discolouration
Organically grown produce
Extra ripe produce
We reserve the right to make final decisions.

This only applies to a certain chain of stores up here in Canada.

DeniseinVA said...

Thank you Gill, that's very clear and wish we had that down here in the States.

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