Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just love Shopper's Drug Mart bonus redemption days....

Today (May 31st), you could cash 40,000 points in for $100 worth of product, instead of the normal $75. Also you could cash in 75,000 points for $200 worth of product instead of the normal $150.

As luck would have it I have 115,000 points. So off to Shopper's I went!!

I went to the first store as they have an ATM that spits out bonus points wasn't working today :( However at that store I wanted to get stamps. So I bought $110.29 worth of stamps, cashed in 40,000 points and ended up paying $10.29..........why do I need all those stamps, well I do coupon trains and I trade stamps for Free Product Coupons, so they will come in handy, plus I need stamps for all my regular mailing.

I then went to the other store to cash in my 75,000 worth of points.

In the toiletry department I got this:

In the cleaning department I got this:

In the food department I got this:

I stocked up on a number of things. Dh will not need shaving gel, or deodorant for the rest of the year!!! Or mouth wash for a while!!!

I used $45.78 in coupons and I paid out of my pocket $29.81 for all of that!!! So for all of you who know me, it is worth while shopping at Shopper's Drug Mart. I cashed in $900 worth of points last year. This is the first time I have cashed in my points this year. I now only have 8,970 points, but I will slowly build them up.

Overall I am happy with what I got today. It did take a bit of planning, as I went over the flyer last night, pulled out all my coupons and took a calculator with me to the store to keep a running total. Then I had the best cashier in the world, Gloria, she is the best, as she knows how to process the coupons etc.


akalittleeva said...

Way to go! I wish I had enough points to take advantage of that - good for you!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Thanks for posting Cheryl!!

Kim said...

Well done! I am enjoying reading through your blog and I am finding it very informative - I'm going to start the FOFing this week and I never pay any attention to the points at Shoppers - I will now!

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