Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And the proof is in the photos!!

I posted here I was taking part in Carla's de-cluttering challenge, and for the first week I picked our closets and drawers in our bedroom.  I had planned on being away from home all day Wednesday, but due to an issue with my car that got cancelled, so with that extra time on my hands I decided to make a start on our bedroom by cleaning out our drawers.









This is our underwear drawers, you are just going to have to believe me when I say I cleaned them all out, as I don't feel I should inflict an image of my underwear on any of you!!!

This is the pile of clothes that will be going to Goodwill or where ever.

Also Carla's mini challenge this week was to donate an item to the Food bank.  As you can see I will be donating personal items as well as food.  Dh has gone of Gillette deodorant and won't use it, so this way it will be put to good use, and I know food banks are always needing personal items.

I will tackle the closet in our bedroom on Thursday as that will take all morning to go through that.  Must say this is the kick up the butt I need!!

I also sorted out a bag of paperwork pertaining to the Church Recipe book I put together in 2010.  I am dropping off all the paperwork at the Vicarage next time I go past which will be later on in the week.

So at this point I have also completed my getting rid of 29 things this month!!!  Mind you I am not stopping as I know I probably have another 229 things that could be tossed!!


~Carla~ said...

This is wonderful, Gill!! :) Thanks so much for participating & for the photos!! Your name is in my "hat"! ;)

Andi's English Attic said...

Well done! Don't you feel good now?

I dropped a full bottle of wine in the utility/larder yesterday and mopping it up escalated into cleaning and clearing the whole room. Yeah, it feels good. xx

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Good dent in it, Gill ! I am trying to catch up on normal stuff today ! I have another busy day tomorrow too. I did manage to have one item to give away today, and did take a photo of our bedroom closet, oh my ... lol.

Kaisievic said...

Fantastic progress on your decluttering challenge. I have been cleaning out my jewellery drawer - I have a lot of costume jewellery that I never wear. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hugs, Kaye xoxoox

simplicityinthemaking said...

Wow Gill that is a lot of work for one day. You must be (bored) determined to get this done!

Nice job. bet that feels good.

Carletta said...

I started some of this myself. I have a whole trash bag full of clothes to donate and I haven't even gone through the dresser yet.
I've forewarned my hubby that we do not need all of his dress shirts he wore before he retired. We'll see how that goes. :)

meri said...

You go girl!!!What an inspiration you are.

I was thinking about you earlier. My grandson taught me how to watch the swagbucks TV and read the blogs at the same time. You may want to try it, get those bucks a little faster.

Jake said...

Good job!!
I have my bathroom closet on my to-do list for this week.

Little Lamb said...

Look at you go! Great work!!!

beagleAnnie said...

Great job, Gill.
Thank you for your inspiring post! Step by step I'll start soon.

Anonymous said...

Great job decluttering! Thanks for the motivation to start my own decluttering.

Fee said...

You have done very well there and as you say have probably started something big!


Debby said...

Way to go, spring cleaning in the middle of winter! Congrats on knocking out the extra bonus as well!!

Jane said...

Well done Gill! You're off to a roaring start! I'm off today and plan to tackle my closet - not a task I'm looking forward to as it's not well lit and so I tend to ignore it.

50 and counting said...

My husband also went off the Gillette Pit Stick. It's the gel he loathed.

Heaven's forbid I go through his drawers....