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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blast of winter and grocery shopping.....

It snowed like heck on Saturday morning, which was a surprise, well at least to me.  I thought we had missed winter, but I guess not!!  Dh was a love and snow blowed the driveway for me when I went to town grocery shopping.

Here are a couple of photos of the snow, south of the property:

West of the property:
In the afternoon I went grocery shopping to Zehrs, as I needed to get gas for the car.  I like to go to the Canadian Tire gas station as I get coupons from the back of the flyer for bonus Canadian Tire money.  This week I spent $50 and got 80 cents back in Canadian Tire money, which puts my Canadian Tire money stash up to $13.05 to spend in the store.

This is what I bought at Zehrs.
I paid for that little lot, $66.51, and had $31.27 in various savings.  Missing from that photo is a bag of milk that I bought on Thursday for $3.99 bringing this week's grocery shopping total to $70.50.  So my monthly total is $209.03 and savings of $42.06.

The Greek Yogurt was free with a Free Product Coupon.  The frozen yogurt was free, as it scanned in at wrong price, we have SCOP here in Ontario, not sure if its all over Canada?  It was a tax free day at Zehrs, so they reimbursed me $3.85 in taxes charged on various items.  Then I used a number of coupons.

There are no fresh fruit of veggies in this week's shopping, as I still have plenty I need to use up in the house.  I will be buying some canned Evaporated Milk on Monday at Shopper's Drug Mart as it's on sale for 99 cents per can, limit 4.  I make wibbly wobbly pudding with evaporated milk.  Recipe is here, you can substitute a can of the milk in place of 2 cups of ice cream.

Also on Thursday, Foodland is having a one day sale on eggs, bananas and chicken burgers, nuggets and fingers, see here.  With the $1 coupon I have, 3 dozen eggs will only cost me $3.98, which is a great deal.  So all in all I should only spend around $10 on the evaporated milk, the eggs and bananas; which means I will be still on budget for the month.

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I hate snow and especially driving in it! But I do love evaporated milk and am going to try out your recipe x

Love your snow and clever shopping as usual.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Snow is beautiful the first day but then when you have to go out in it, all the disadvantages arrive.

I'm amazed how little you're spending. I have a hard time spending less than that in a week. And I'm trying. I really am! xx

Finally it seems you might have got as much snow as us. I have my calendar marked for Foodland at Thurs, hoping I don't forget as that is a busy day for me this week.

We had a dusting of snow overnight Fre-Sat but it all was gone by evening.
On Friday, I price matched cucs and asparagus at RCSS and also had coupons so savings of 14% on my grocery bill. Last year I made a spread sheet of my expenses by month and then ytd, doing the same this year so I can see how much I am saving by eating out of my freezer and pantry for Jan and Feb. If there is still more food to use I will continue in March.
I must have thought we were going to have a major devastating somthing with all the food in the house. LOL

I have lots to learn from you. Sorry the photo on my blog was deceiving. I really only used 2 coupons and did some price matching. LOL!!! And I'm a fellow Canadian and only live a few hours from you actually. I've spent lots of time in Borden on the base there. :) The views from your property are beautiful!!!

We also had a good blasting of snow, fog and rain. The trees looked pretty but the roads were just horrible to drive on. Love seeing your grocery shopping and all the savings you achieve. I'll have to get back to posting my grocery shopping, everyone seems to enjoy these type of food post.

Ohhhh, your snow is so pretty, we haven't had a single flake this year, the Mts are getting a heavy snow today and tonight but just cold rain for us. Congrats on your food budget.

Wow...fantastic views! Snow is so pretty...I don't miss it much here in Florida...actually I rarely think about it. Now rain I think about...our soil is so sandy it doesn't hold moisture...so need a constant supply of rain! Sometimes it comes only in a destructive hurricane!

Impressed with your grocery shopping...coupons and all the other ways money is saved. There are rarely coupons for the food I now eat...lots of fruit and vegetables! I try to buy recycled paper products...no coupons! It's ok though I do my best to purchase and use exactly what I need for that week. I rarely go anywhere...so rarely buy gas! I applaud you and all who give so much thought to what they purchase...Don and I used to do this...Don more than me...he did cost accounting and loved to keep up with the figures (me not so much)!

Great job on the couponing as usual!!We had only a wee bit of snow and a lot has melted already - I can see the grass from my window. You have such great views from your property Gill!

Good shopping so far this month! I'll be at my local Foodland on Thursday too. :)

Beautiful snow pictures. I think that winter has skipped over us.

Love the photos, pretty to look at, no fun to drive in it. I always enjoy seeing what you buy. No savings in my purchase but I saw some imported English cheese (made in the West Country - my part of the world) and I could not resist. Also I bought a couple of cans of English Heinz Potato and Leek soup which hubby loves.

wow am going to have to look at the SCOP sign at the local real atlantic superstore. often if I notice the wrong price being rung up the cashier will call the section manager to check and if they confirm, they cancel and do it again. i have even had cashiers argue with me over the correct price and I have had to insist they call someone. I always check my receipt after and if I find the price wrong (there is often one or two items) I have to go to customer service where they give me the price difference. I will look for that sign though and if it displayed there may be some free items in my future.

Great photos of the snow.

What a beautiful view you have outside your house.

I'd be sitting outside all summer long.

Sft x

I also admire your ability to save but my problem is that even when I get a coupon, i take a look at the no name brand and it is often still cheaper. wish there was coupons for produce, veggies and meats

Snowing here, too. Spring is on the way.

Good job on the shopping. Those pennies sure add up.

Wow! The scenery there is soooo beautiful! Although I am glad I am not IN the snow, I certainly love to look at pictures of it!

Gill I did not know about SCOP. Wish I did. I have had this issue with Superstore before and finally quit going there and wrote the manager a letter about his false advertising. I never heard back! I notice on the site you show Zellers does not participate in SCOP. Of course not, they have got to be the worst store in Canada for the last 20 years of not rining in the correct price. Buyer be were!

Oh, how I wish it would snow here!

Beautiful photos, Gill! :) You're such a great shopper!! Wish you were a bit closer so you could shop for me! lol!

Love your photos, and gosh you are a good couponer!! I wish I could pull off that kind of savings in one trip!

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