Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some photos................

Not feeling too good at the moment.  So thought I'd post some photos from yesterday in the Subway, as I went to visit dd in Toronto.

DD had bought me my tokens so didn't have to get any, but I hate going through those turn stiles.

This was a quick shot of the train that was coming in on the opposite platform.  There are enough strange and unusual people in the subway system without me taking photos!!!

This was a lovely dog and so well behaved.  I think his name was Joey and he was 11 years old.  The owner a young girl was wearing those camouflage pants and boots you can see.  I think she was into the Grunge or Goth look as she had big black circles of make up around her eyes, very raccoon like.  However she was also very polite and well spoken; as I did ask her permission to take a photo of the dog.  You can apparently take your dog on the subway as long as its not rush hour.

Finally the only thing I bought other than some Carnation Milk at Shopper's were these soaps at Bath and Body works.  They were on sale for 7 bottles for $25 plus 13% tax.  I only went with Pear and Apple this time, nice and refreshing.  I normally choose the citrus scents as I like them the best.
Do you have a favourite scent when it comes to liquid hand soap?


JohnD said...

Apple - I like the smell of fresh apple on my hands - even tho I know it is only a chemically-induced aroma.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Sorry to hear you are under the Weather, Gill. OMG, I don't think I have been on a Toronto Subway since I lived down there over 35 years ago !!!

Jane and Chris said...

I don't like the Subway..it's dirty and creepy....bet you picked up a bug from there!
Jane x
Blogger has issues and I can't post.

Anonymous said...

Lavender is one of my favorites, coconut and citrus are too!

Sorry you're not feeling well!

The last subway I was on was in New York City...that was a long long time ago!

The Witch said...

Hope you are feeling well soon!
I remember taking the subway so many times back and forth to work. It was a huge time waster but good to read or quilt small items to pass the time.
Favorite hand soap scents are always citrus. I love the grapefruit scent the best.

Karine said...

I hope you feel better soon!

As for the TTC subway: if you think there are 'interesting' people on there, you should give the subway in LA a try. Nothing beats the characters you see on there!

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better soon Gill!
Thats interesting that you can take your dog on the subway .. handy too! I used to love bath & body works, well I still do. But found the body wash and lotions to have to strong of a perfume scent. I do however LOVE the liquid hand soaps!! I haven't bought any in a while (thats a great deal though! usually when i do buy). I love the vanilla, pommegranete, sweet pea ... oh man probably most of them! lol.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Maybe your Molly (who is cute as a button, BTW) would enjoy a ride on the subway. My Molly certainly thinks so.

Debby said...

Hope you feel better soon!! I am so cheap I just use ivory soap so thats the smell I like! Ha

beagleAnnie said...

My hand soap smelsl just soap scent. But I use dishwashing liquid with orange scent.
Hope you feel better soon, Gill.

Valerie said...

Citrus smells are so refreshing. Loved all your pictures.... hope you feel better soon.

EG Wow said...

Oh dear! Hope you feel better soon!

I like the smell of lavender... probably because it reminds me of my grandmother. :)

Fee said...

Hope you are feeling better now Gill,I think its all linked to the new moon as Dh and I have both been feeling odd too. Citrus all the way!

Anonymous said...

I was in Toronto in August, and the subway was so lenient - dogs, furniture, crates, luggage - what a ride :)

Rose said...

Oh, I like citrus, too...but honestly love just plain old soap best. Just smells clean.