Sunday, February 5, 2012

Out and about on Saturday.......

Dh and I went to Barrie on Saturday as we had some errands to run.  Total cash out of pocket expenses under $15.  Total added to credit card, $210.

Our first port of call was to Solutions - Your Organized Living Store.  It's as it says, keeps everything you need for organizing your home.  They have a sale on for their closet systems.  We have used their system before and it works a charm. It is however a little more expensive than the big box stores but I am sure even I could install the system and the quality is well worth paying that little bit more, plus it's a total custom fit.  I should work there as I know as much about their system as the sales person did...LOL  So all in all that cost just under $210 which dh put on his credit card, as it's a renovation cost and we keep track of those purchased via dh's credit card.

In the same mall were both Future Shop and Best Buy   Dh was given a $100 gift card for Best Buy.  It's not a place we shop at regularly, but hey, we're not going to turn down a $100, so we went in and bought the Software for preparing our taxes Turbo Taxes  While we were there I mentioned that my McAfee Internet Security would be expired in the next month or so.  Dh remembered seeing it on sale in the Future Shop flyer.  We asked and yes Best Buy price matches.  So we popped to Future Shop and picked up the flyer and priced matched it at Best Buy.  However not only do they price match it, they beat the price by 10%.  So all in all we still have to $40 + on the gift card to spend at a later date.

We then went for some lunch at a restaurant called Herb 'n Sage the kids gave us gift cards for their for Christmas, so we used one of those gift cards for lunch.  Total cash out of pocket $7.25 for tip and extra above gift card.  Still have another gift card for there for another day.

We then popped into Barrie Humane Society to see the dogs.  We have been thinking about getting Molly a companion.  They were ever so helpful and answered all our questions and advised us against a couple of the dogs we liked.  There was a gorgeous little Beagle there, who won't be available for adoption until next week, as he has to have "The Snip!!"  However this gorgeous little guy had two things against him.  One, he is a boy, I prefer female dogs and two, he has hip dysplasia  They said as long as he is given Glucosamine on a daily basis and something stronger when he seems worse he will be fine.  Dh does not want another dog with medical problems, as Molly costs us enough.  So we will continue looking until we find the dog for us.  I would dearly love an English Bulldog, a female no younger than 4 years old and no older than 7 years old.

We then headed to Chapters as I still had money on a gift card from Christmas.  I bought a box of Christmas cards for $2.50, 75% off and then I bought a 2012 day to day calendar called "Posh Suduko,"  which is a daily page by page calendar with a Suduko puzzle on it each day, again 75% off , so I paid around $4.25 for that.  Out of pocket it cost me 53 cents for both.

We then called in at Tim Hortons on the way home.  They have their $1 Lattes at the moment, and I enjoy the plain one with no sugar.  I had that along with a blueberry and cranberry muffin.  Dh had a coffee and a carrot muffin, and it only came to $3.80???  Dh paid for that, thank you dh.

So all in all we had a lovely day and other than the closet organizer, it was a cheap day out.

Did you have a good day on Saturday?


Kaisievic said...

Hi Gill, Loved reading about your day. It sounded really productive yet thrifty. You can read about my Saturday on my blog - it was a pretty busy one, too.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

that british woman s brother said...

you of all people !
do not spend money on internet security when there are so many good ones out there for free
try looking at AVG free , AVAST free , microsoft essentials and of course ADAWARE total internet security free
i use the last one and i like it
why pay money for something you can get for free
you rant on about saving money on this and that and then blow money on something like that ............

boopnut said...

Wow! Sounds like a fabulous and fruitful shopping trip! I have often thought of buying a closet system. Take pics when it is installed!

Gill - That British Woman said...

in answer to my dear brother's rather unkind comment. As we paid so little for it $14.68 and it covers both our computers, and it's from a company that we have had no problems with in the past, it was well worth spending the $14.68 as that turns out to be $7.34 or just over 4 pounds and 50 pence per computer.

Sometimes it's worth spending a few dollars just for peace of mind.


saving for travel said...

What a great bargain day, Gill. I love the way you shop and treat yourselves.

Sft x

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

It was a great day to be out and about shopping; didn't realize you were that close to Barrie? Will keep that in mind now I know. Glad you had such a productive and relaxing day all at the same time.

Jane and Chris said...

Gill, I threw up,slept,tried to get comfy,Chris helped me shower,and made me my favourite pudding banana custard.
Jane x

Meri said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, a beautiful Saturday.

Sandi McBride said...

Wish I'd been with you Gill..sounds a treat...I love gift cards, it's so much fun to spend someone else's money, isn't it? Over here from my One Cat Shy of Crazy blog, trying to catch up on all my friends glad that you are considering a playmate for Molly. We got our girl Chase a "brother", he's a sassy little peke, going to be getting the old snipperoo next week. Chase adores him, I'm told by the vet that two guys or two girls don't do as well together as opposite sex far, so good!
Please include me on your next shopping trip!

Canadian Saver said...

Oh I can't wait to see how Molly reacts when you get the new dog :-)

I also actually use AVG, and it is great! Been using it for many years without any problems...

Mmmm I've seen the latte advertisements, and might go try them out soon!

Cash Only Living said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Made even better by gift certificates!!

Andi's English Attic said...

Chauffeur duties and charity shops. Daughter needed a little shirt for a puppet she's making at school and one of the CS had a half price sale. Yay!

In the evening we had sausage hot pot and watched an old tv version of The Woman in Black. So looking forward to the new Daniel Radcliffe version. xx

Karine said...

Sounds like quite the busy day! I had a rather quiet day and then headed out to my Sweetheart's :o)

simplicityinthemaking said...

I love your shopping trips, and dido on the female dog!

Debby said...

How exciting to be getting a new closet system!! I don't think home improvments count on our low spending shouldn't they be considered more in the investment area? Sounds like you guys had a nice relaxing day.

Kim said...

Do you know that Future Shop & Best Buy are the same company?

Best of luck with the Turbo Tax - I used to use them but a few yrs ago it doubled my income on my return, not on what I could see on screen, but when it Netfiled it for me. I didn't find out until after the filing date was closed - that is when all Turbo Tax's customer service lines close - so absolutely NO customer service to fix the issue, I had to pay $900 and file an inquest request and wait 6 months for my money back.

I now use GenuTax which you pay for once and get free update yearly - no issues with them in 3 years.

The Witch said...

What a busy day you had. I was also at Indigo and bought the Old Farmers Almanac 75% off. I just love all the after Christmas sales especially when you have gift cards.
Too bad about the Beagle but I agree with your DH that one dog with medical problems is expensive enough. Hopefully you find Molly a friend soon, though I doubt she is going to give up her fantastic window seat.