Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lets compare prices.........

On Friday I went grocery shopping and ran some errands in town.  I had to drop off my Food Bank donation, drop off my clothing donation, get gas for the car, go grocery shopping and drop by the vicarage with some paperwork that he needs to store.  So all in all it took a couple of hours, but I got a lot done in that time and my kitchen table is now clear of stuff again!!  As if in doubt put it on the kitchen table and it'll get moved.

We live smack dab in the middle of two towns, so depending on what errands need to be run that week, I either shop at No Frills or the dreaded Wal-Mart.  This week it was town "A" so it was the dreaded Wal-Mart's turn.  Now one policy I do like with Wal-Mart is price matching and as long as I had the flyer from No Frills I was able to price match.

This week I stocked up on a lot of fruit and veggies, well a lot for me, so I thought we could compare prices.  We are lucky (not sure if that's the right word) that we have access to most things year round, thanks to South America and the States.  So here is a list the fruit and veggies I bought with their pricing beside them.

Bananas 67 cents per pound
Tomatoes 97 cents per pound
Cucumbers (English, not field) 97 cents each price matched with No Frills
340 gram bagged salad (iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, red cabbage) $1 per bag
(I don't like eating salad greens I love iceberg lettuce, I know I am the only one!!)
Mushrooms $1.27 per 1/2 pound container
Green Pepper 97 cents per pound
Red Onions $1.97 for 3 pounds
Radishes one pound bag $1.47
Empire Apples 97 cents per pound
Strawberries one pound container $1.66 (price matched No Frills)

How do those prices compare with where you shop?

Also I ended up going over my $75 budget, and spent $82.63 which was flipping annoying.  However when you buy fruit and veggies you can't always predict exactly how much they will cost.  Oh and I used $1 worth of coupons!!!  There were really no good deals that suited me this week.  Will try and only spend $65 next week.

How did you do with your grocery shopping this week?


Ella said...

Oh I can give you Norwegians prices:
- bananas: US$4 per kg
- cucumber: US$6 per kg
- Mushroom US$8 per kg
- Green pepper US$8 per kg
- Apples US$3 per kg
- tomatoes US$5 per kg
1 kg is approximately 2 pounds
Fruits and vegetables are very expensive here, like everything else basically.
Good luck with the February challenge!

Andi's English Attic said...

I went over, but had to buy soap powder and I stick to the same brand for that because of allergies. However, I did have a 'Spend over £40 and get £5 pounds off' coupon' which softened the blow a bit. xx

Anonymous said...

Those are good prices! Some of my local prices (also Cdn) are 0.87/lb for bananas, 1.99/8 oz pkg for mushrooms and 1.99/lb for green peppers!

Debby said...

It's rare that I buy veggies at the grocery so I'm not sure of the prices. We try and eat in season and preserve from the garden/local farmers in the summer for winter. I really hate Wally world as well, I always spend more $$ than I plan when I go. I run into something I think I need and throw it in the buggy, thankfully I don't go to often!! Have a great weekend

EG Wow said...

Actually, the prices you paid look very good to me. I thought the deals weren't very good this week too. I;m hoping next week will be better.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

I dropped in to our local Foodland last night for grapes at $1.47/lb, not realizing I must have bought 4 lbs, as they totaled $6.00 ! A bag of iceberg lettuce and a lotto Max ticket cost me just under $12.00, which I thought a little pricey. It was the grapes, dang it all.

Bette said...

I've changed the way I shop and have been doing one big shop every two weeks and then popping in midway for milk and perishables. So far so good and those are my prices too. I price match at No Frills every week. The only coupon I used was a $4 for ground beef when you buy taco shells (the shells were on sale and meat on clearance).

~Carla~ said...

Im nearby you so our prices are pretty close... I don't shop for food t WM though, so they are a bit more $$. The only Super WM is clear across the city, so I only go about once a year. lol!

~Carla~ said...

If I were poor Ella with thse prices, I'd surely starve!!! :( Ouch!!

Jane and Chris said...

Gill, it was coming home from shopping that I fell...I forgot the prices!
Jane x

Meri said...

I shop No Frills because its close to home. Our bananas are .77 a pound. I hate going to the dreaded Wmart since its become a super center and really have to start remembering to price match.

We do have so much to be thankful for with variety and prices.

Piece by Piece said...

There is a Wal-Mart in my city and a No Frills about 12 miles away, normally don't shop at either. Will have to look closer at the fliers this coming week, not much in them this time, only saved $0.75with coupons, however, purchased a bag of assorted buns and rolls 50% off,--$2.00. Still living out of my freezer and pantry, saved approx. $88.00 last month by doing that, doing the same this month.

Maggie said...

I went over my shopping budget this week too :-(
I get my fruit and veg from Aldi whenever i can, they have weekly offers on a 39p or 59p, although i only tend to buy what we are going to eat in a couple of days because i find that some of it doesn't really have a long life. Bananas are just a little over a £1 for a huge bunch 9they last quite well) cherry toms are 59p mushrooms around 80p peppers are 89p for 3 cucumbers are 59p for a whole one (only buy this for Stevie as i hate cucumber!

I've found that i shop around more now, we have a shop called 'Home Bargains' which is great for everything and much cheaper than the usual Asda or Tesco,.

I will have to cut back next week too, my freezer being turned off hasn't helped the budget this week!!!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Wally World here doesn't "do" produce or fresh stuff - just packaged, processed and frozen, so I don't shop there (not least because I hate going in anyway). Fruits & veggies here are a lot more expensive than you - I have bananas and apples on my list from yesterday: $1.94/kg & $ respectively. 2lb containers of strawberries usually retail for about $4.88, but I have seen them as low as $2.98 on special. I don't know what all that works out to in pounds, but it's still kind of a lot!

Jane said...

As you and I don't live that far from each other the prices are about the same. One good thing I nabbed this week was a huge box of Vector cereal which is everyone's favorite around here BUT I only buy it on sale. It was on sale at Superstore but they had run out so I pricematched at No Frill and got it for the lower price. First time I've ever done that - I was proud of myself! I spent $134 in total between Super Store and No Frills (mostly all sale items) and that will last us two weeks except for salad greens (NOT iceberg lol) and milk.

The Witch said...

We are very lucky that we work in-town only 30 min. from home. We have all the major store's Superstore,Sobey's, Walmart Price Chopper and Shoppers all within 3min. of each other. Shopping is very easy this way and I have a list already made up from the sale flyers before shopping which I stick too.
They have re-modeled the Superstore and I find they have brought in more high end items which will never fly down here.
I give them a Month and all the high end stuff will be reduced for cheap.(pasta's rice,etc.)

saving for travel said...

You didn't overspend by much.

And you're still doing great with your grocery challenge.

Sft x

chksnowqueen said...

I had no idea that stores would price match for groceries. Something to check out in my area!