Sunday, February 12, 2012

Something is missing.......

This is a photo of my left hand:

I am missing my wedding ring.  I have put a little actually a lot of weight on since we got married nearly 29 years ago.  Enough weight that I can't get my wedding ring off, despite trying all the usual things, soap, oil etc to try and remove it.  So I had it cut off on Saturday, as when I get my hand operated on at the end of the month, my whole hand including my fingers will swell up.  So I had to have it cut off before I get my hand operated on.  I am guessing it will be off now until sometime in April.  I have never not worn my wedding ring, so it is as though I am missing something.

Funny thing happened while she was cutting it off, she kept stopping as another customer was not happy with a repair or something so she kept talking to her.  Then she carried on turning this device to cut off the ring, meanwhile my hand is starting to ache like crazy.  In the end I had to tell her to please get on with it and tell the annoyed customer she would have to wait.  The woman who was cutting it off was very apologetic; not sure about the other customer, can't say I really cared, my hand was killing me by the time it was all done, as I had to hold it at a strange angle for me.

If you are married do you wear your wedding ring all the time?
When we were out and about on Saturday we called in at TSC to get some salt for the water softener.  I saw the veggie and flower seeds on sale with 20% off.  The one thing I am missing in seeds are some beets, so picked these ones up.  It says on the package there is enough for a 21 foot row, so that should be more than enough for us.  Lots of pickled beets in our future!!


Have to say from a money point of view a very low spend day on Saturday, as lunch was paid with a gift card.  Salt and seeds was paid with cash I had saved.  Dh bought us a coffee and muffin at Tim Hortons and that was all we spent.  Even put some money in our change jar.

By the way Winter is here and it's flipping freezing cold this weekend.  Even have a little snow.  I had to even wear my coat when I was out on Saturday as even I thought it was cold, I rarely feel the cold!!

Planning on hibernating today!!!


Denise said...

I had to have the same thing done several years ago, and it was a hard decision to make but my finger was beginning to hurt. I take my ring off when doing the housework, always putting it in the same safe spot so that I don't lose it.

I used an Olive Garden gift certificate when I went out with the girls tonight, one I had been given at Christmas. It was a nice treat.

Bitterly cold down here too tonight. Snowed a bit last night and thought we'd get more today but it was mostly rain.

ChrisJ said...

Same thing happened to me and my wedding ring. I had the doctor saw mine off. Went without one for a while, don't remember how long. Then my husband got me a new one while he was in India. Sad thing is, the same thing is happening again! Only this time I think I can blame arthritic joints.!

Rose said...

It is cold here...maybe not as cold as where you are. But still, after the weather we have been having, I am really feeling the cold.

We have been married 35 yrs and rarely is my wedding band off my finger. Roger didn't wear his for years because of the work he did, but since he has retired it is on most of the time...except when he is working in his shop.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this will help but my mom had to have hers cut off because of surgery and arthritis. We were able to take it to the jewelers and they managed to stretch it so that it fit her. It is a little thinner but she was so happy.

I do hate rude customers though especially when you were obviously being helped first

angela said...

I had to have m rings cut off while pregnant. My hands swelled overnight. But then I finally got them fix and the have not been off my hands since. This July I will celebrate my 24th wedding anniversary. So like you I would feel very odd without them. Stay warm

JohnD said...

Been married twice - used to wear my first wedding band on the traditional ring finger, left hand. When I married Rhonda I swore I would not put her wedding band on that finger - no 'replacements' - and I've always worn ours on my RIGHT ring finger.

My dear old departed M-i-L once broke her ring finger while we were on holidays at the coast. We took her to the hospital to have the ring cut off - married 50 years, a war bride - the doctor and the casualty nurse didn't know what to to do. I said "Give me a pair of surgical side-cutters" (a pair of 'bone cutters' with sharp points) and I snapped that ring right off her triple-swollen finger in a single hit!

We later had it repaired, re-sized and re-fitted for her once her broken finger had healed. I guess it somehow made up for me breaking one of her good English China bread and butter plates.LoL!

Scarlet said...

I had to take my wedding ring off a couple of months ago , as my skin had started to peel underneath it and it became really sore and cracked.Luckily my rings are easy to get off since I lost weight. It felt very strange without it so I took to wearing just my eternity ring.

Angela said...

I too have put on weight and cannot get my ring off! I wear that ring and my engagement ring all the time [left hand] and Mum's engagement ring on my right hand 'ring finger'. I can get the two E rings off.

I hope the op goes well at the end of the month!

blessings x

April's Homemaking said...

I wear my wedding ring all the time too, and it is pretty much a permanent part of my hand as well. I was a tiny thing when I got married, and I probably should have had my ring re-sized after my children where born, they are teens now, so if my ring needs to come off, it will have to be cut off as well. It would feel odd to have it missing. Enjoying your posts. :)

beagleAnnie said...

I have been married for 29 years and I haven't worn the marriage ring since I gained weight when I was pregnant. Neither my husband nor I don't.

Valerie said...

It was a bit unprofessional to keep leaving you like that. I'm glad you spoke up. I had to leave my ring off for a while when the arthritic knuckle swelled. Now that the finger has settled down the ring is too lose and I'm afraid of losing it.

Andi's English Attic said...

Not sure how correct it was for the cutter to be talking to another customer while dealing with your hand. Sounds a bit rude (along with the customer barging in like that).

The only time I take my wedding ring off is if I'm playing an unmarried character on stage. I find that an acceptable reason. Otherwise it stays on.

Beetroot is one of those foods people either love or loath. I loath, so it's never in the house. :) xx

Kaisievic said...

Oh Gill, I think that many of us have all put on weight over the years. I gave up wearing my wedding ring many years ago. I like to wear various different dress rings.

Good luck with your surgery.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Maggie said...

I can understand that it fees strange to be without your wedding ring after so long. Will you wear it again?
I don't wear a wedding ring, haven't done for more than 10 years, i threw it at my husband once and refused to put it back on (Long, Long story!) He used to ask me to put it back on but i wouldn't, it's still in my jewellery box and i try it on occasionally but it feels strange on my hand.

Well done with the ow spend Saturday :-)

Kate said...

The comments here seem to follow a similar pattern. Mine is different. My gold band is on my right hand now because I inherited my mother-in-law's beautiful betrothal rings and wear them on the traditional left hand. Hands change with age; mine are basically the same, but I never remove the rings.

Mysti said...

It is funny you posted this now.

I took my ring off a year ago today! My fingers had swelled and it was really bothering me. I managed to get it off and put it in my jewelry box. Two days later, I found out my husband was having an affair. I never put it back on.

Plus, I made him give me his ring. He broke his vows, and I wanted the ring I gave him back.

We are still together, and trying to work on things, but I will never wear THAT ring again.

Debby said...

Gosh, It would feel odd to have mind off as well. It has been on since Sept 1975, 37 years and never off for a single day. I too would have to have mine cut off as my body has matured over the years!! HA

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

I never took my set of rings off until I had lost my diamond 4 yrs ago. Not haven't it replaced and have been ringless since. We really got dumped on with snow here! Too much to have Bandit, Lexus & the pup all out at one time by myself to keep an eye on, so just Bandit and I, one on one, with each to keep them in line. Lexus is still only just over 2 yrs, still very much the puppy herself.

Christy said...

I always wear my rings and only take them off in the bathtub. They are loose enough that I worry they will come off in the water.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

I, too, have put on weight and several years ago started having chronic pain in my left hand that went all the way up my arm. Fortunately, I was able to get my ring off without having it cut off. It is still off. Yes, the pain went away after the ring came off. If (the big if) I ever lose enough weight for it to fit again, it may find its way back to my finger.

Jane and Chris said...

I don't wear my wedding ring unless we go out as I don't like the feel of rings on my hand. Chris had to take his off a few years ago as his ring got too tight.
Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

I am still wearing my wedding ring, I was married in 1960.
When my dh passed away, I had nothing to give my two daughters for them to remember him by.
So I took his wedding ring (I had another ring of his I kept for myself) had it cut into two pieces. These were made into two small rings which were then hung on gold chains. Both girls wear their Dad's ring around their neck.
Winter is back here also.
I am going to blog about my trip.
Keep warm

Canadian Saver said...

Uh oh, funny you post this, I tried to get my ring off yesterday, on the internet they swore by Windex, lots and lots of it would work... well it didn't for me. I may need to visit a jeweler too tomorrow :-(

I'm not married, this ring is a sapphire I got from my parents in 1987... and I've gained a ton of weight since then LOL!

Meri said...

Wow, I thought it was just me walking around without my rings. We've been married 40 some years, the original ring is so small and cute I never wanted to have it sized. I did get a replacement band just to " keep the guys away" but it was never the same and stopped wearing it for safety reasons at work. I do have nightmares where I've lost the rings.

Karine said...

As you know, I'm not married as of yet, but my Sweetheart gave me a ring for Christmas back in 2005 and I've had it on my left ring finger since then. I keep it on all the time, except for showering as it has a pearl in it and pearl don't react well to soap.

The Witch said...

I've been married for 33 years in August and have never taken the ring off except to clean it. I have one of those stainless steel jewelery cleaners. It can be a struggle to get it off but I find Windex does the trick very well. Like you I have also but on a bit of weight over the years and would actually like to get it re-sized but both engagement and wedding band are soldered together and I'm worried that my diamond would be swapped out. I mean honestly how would you know are even worse how could you prove it. I have heard horror stories of this happening.:(

saving for travel said...

I think it's terrible to keep leaving you like that, don't they realise that it's a traumatic thing to go through.

My wedding ring is quite heavy so sometimes I take it off.

Might do more, now I know I'm not the only one.

Sft x

Jane said...

We are hibernating too and I LOVE it! Look forward to snuggling later with Michael while watching the Grammy's. I had the time to go check out Pinterest today and am now just waiting for my "invitation". Hope it doesn't take too long because I saw a lot of things I'd like to PIN to my own board.

simplicityinthemaking said...

I have had my wedding rings on for 30 years now. My engagment ring swings around my finger. I take them off to clean the animal crap out of them, then put them back on. Always was afraid of loosing them when swimming in the lake, so take them off then.

Nerve of that inpatient customer! People are so angry and self centered all the time anymore.

Flipping freezing huh! Called winter? We have been so spoiled with the warmth lately. I only went out when needed all weekend.

Oh and hate TSC.... never have what we need for the farm.

Cash Only Living said...

Beautiful new blog format!! It takes some major effort to get my ring off but fortunately have never had to cut it off. I too would have been worried if someone had a cutting instrument near my finger but wasnt paying attention. Yikes!

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Mine's never been off intentionally in 50 years - 'cept for the drama one evening many years ago when for some reason I was playing with it (sliding it up and down the finger) and it slide off and into on open fireplace. Oh dear, the tears that flowed would have rivaled Niagara because the fire was alight at the time. Dh raked it to one side of the coals but just couldn't get to it so I had to wait till the next morning to rummage through the ashes and see what was left of it. A bit smoother and a slightly different shape but otherwise ok.
Won't come off now - joint is too large - but if I could get it off I'd never get away with 'not' being married - giving it away is the big white ring mark there on the suntanned finger lol
Take care

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill! I don't wear my wedding ring for the same reason you don't. I'd forgotten we both have been married about the same length of time (30 years) and its my hope that at some point to get a new one. I miss not wearing one too.

You mentioned snow--Did it amount to anything? I have been reading on other blogs that parts of Canada have gotten clobbered!

EG Wow said...

My ring is on for good... unless someone cuts it off. :))

Karen said...

Following the death of my husband I LOST a tremendous amount of weight. My ring started slipping off and I was terrified of losing it. I put it on a chain and there it remains. The thought of having to have my ring cut would break my heart.

Kiki said...

I have not worn my wedding or engagement rings since I got pregnant with my 1st son 9 years ago. My hubby things I should re-size them but I've heard it's bad luck to cut a wedding band. I'm not normally superstitious but I think I'll wait until I lose some weight and see what happens.