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Friday, February 24, 2012

Who said you have to be young and agile to do the splits?

I'm middle aged and cream crackered (knackered) and more or less managed to do them..........

Actually it wasn't quite the splits, as if I had actually done the splits I would be in emergency now with various parts of my body in traction.  As it is I am just aching in places.  How did I do this, well it's bloody well snowing up here.  Dd was saying it was raining in the city, but we couldn't have that up here now could we, so it's snowing and it's the wet heavy stuff!!

So being the good wife that I am, I decided to snow blow the driveway and there is ice under the snow.  So one of my feet went one way the other, the other way; luckily for me I was hanging onto the snow blower and was able to right myself.

This should be the last time I snow blow for the season (as she touches wood, her head) as once I get my hand done next week, I won't be allowed to snow blow for at least six weeks (that's what I am telling dh!!), so I thought I'd make the effort today, to show willing.

Now to sit down and whine on at dh about parts of my body aching..........gosh I am just a ray of sunshine today!!!

(Actually it is true, I can't lift anything over 10 lbs once I get my cast off for a month, and it is heavy hard work snow blowing.)

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Is this not a stinking storm? Please be careful Gill, I can't drive to come and visit you in the hospital.
Jane x

Hi Gill, Please be careful. I can imagine that was quite a painful thing to do. Can't quite imagine your snowstorm, though. It is going to be 38 celsius in Melbourne today. Yikes!

hugs, Kaye xoxoxo

Oh ouch!! :( Be careful, Gill. Maybe a hot bath (and then some more whining at DH) will help? Take care of yourself.

Sorry I hadn't read your post properly... please delete my last comment..
Take care xx

It's not very nice here, Gill. I hope you are OK!

thank goodness no more snow blowing for you, for a while anyway! made something similar to the Lentil Stew from a few posts back (haven't gotten the potatoes in yet). I used my slow cooker which was fine...but didn't want to put the potatoes in at the beginning so figured I'd wait...then I went to sleep in the middle of making a comment on someone's post, the potatoes never made it to the stew. But I will get them in as I heat up and eat the stew. Tastes yummy even without the potatoes! Thanks for the recipe!

Ouch, I can feel your pain.
How much snow do you have?
Hate to tell you, we had a dusting of wet snow when I got up, and it has since melted and it has rained on and off all day.

Gill, take care.
Here in Osaka, it is raining and I'm feeling spring a little.

Rain down here in London, boring old rain. BUT no need to shovel or snow blow. Did you get your legs shaved before you split them?? You are so lucky (sort of), you could really have done some major damage!

Hope your aches and pains have settled down.
Your storm is just starting to roll in her (Alberta). Thanks for sharing.

Sorry to hear about this, Gill! A good soak in the tub should help.


Glad to here you were not hurt!! I don't think your Dr would approve of your kicking up your heels right before having you hand fixed. Wish we could get a bit of snow this year it was over 70 degrees today

I swear the act of almost falling is worse than falling sometimes...that on top of you having been feeling bad...

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