Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And you probably think I never listen to what you say!!!

Remember I mentioned I am not on a diet, as that is a four letter word for failure, but I am trying to cut back a bit and have cut out all eating after supper and was going to cut out my mid afternoon snack?  I think everyone said no to that one.  So after thinking about it for the last couple of days, I decided you were right and I was wrong!!!!  Now if dh was reading this he would have keeled over at that statement, as according to him I never admit I am wrong!!!

Mind you according to him he never falls asleep when the news is on, but I digress.  So I have decided to cut out my mid-morning snack instead as I always have a good breakfast of cereal, a banana and a cup of tea.  So that will get me through to lunch time no problem and I do tend to be busier in the morning than in the afternoon.  I have also set myself a sort of goal to lose 6.2 lbs during the month of February which may not seem like a lot to others, but remember I am not on a diet, nor am I exercising, as remember I am allergic to that as well!!!  The exercise will start at some point, but I can only do one thing at a time and remember it's all about baby steps so I don't get fed up!!

This is all a big deal for me and a huge step.  I am doing this for health reasons, as I know when I go back to the doctors for my yearly physical he is going to have a hissy fit.  So there you go, thought I'd let you know what I had decided.

Back in July of last year I did a post about our woodpile, see here  As usual we ordered 3 bush cords to last us the winter.  The other day part of the woodpile fell down and it wasn't until then we saw how little we had left for the winter:
We are half way through winter but are more than half way through our logs.  Not that we will run out as I have a pile on the other side of the garage and a few stacked between a couple of trees.  It's just that it hasn't been a bad winter (touch wood) so far and it has been mild for us.  Mind you we have had the fire on 24/7 since the beginning of November.

When I was down the old basement today I checked on how much oil there was in the tank and I see the marker is between 3/4 and 1/2, right on target.  I will leave it for a couple more weeks and then get it filled up, which should cost around $400.

February is generally the coldest, longest, most miserable month of the year, at least in my opinion.  Not helped by my mother telling me how all the snow drops are out, there are daffodils in bloom and there's a touch of Spring in the air in England..........I'll hopefully be saying that by April, if we're lucky!!


laura @ nomorespending said...

Good luck with your goal (not a diet!!) to lose 6.2lbs in February :)

Cathy said...

You wouldn't want to have to have it delivered with that white stuff on the ground would you lol,

Thanks for dropping in Gill and for your recent comments. Oban was a lovely place to visit - shame we were only there for a day. Lots of tramping to be done in the forests out of the town.

You are really doing well with the saving jars and the decluttering ideas so I'll be looking to you for ideas for my own 'private' challenge

Take care

Fee said...

Deep respect for sticking to your guns and yes go slow and steady and you will achieve your goal, I always admire you for getting 'stuff' done and not just talking about it so know you can do this! You see you are a woman of action in my book! Isn't cyberspace weird?
Your woodpile looks a bit like ours, but didn't your woodfire allow you to hold off with the oil heating for a bit longer? So may be that's why its smaller!


EG Wow said...

Best of luck with your non-diet, Gill. I would love to shed a few pounds myself!

Debby said...

I am thinking this declutter challenge might take off a few pounds for me, up down, pulling out, tugging around bags for the trash!! Good luck on your undiet, I could use to lose a pound or two or maybe 30. We too already have flowers that have poped up, it was 71 degrees yesterday, not sure where winter went.

simplicityinthemaking said...

We are half way through our pile too. I was taking a look at it yesterday. However we have wood already near the house for next year if I do run out.The lane here is full of water this morning from melting snow.

Jane and Chris said...

Here's a tip for making a pice of fruit seem much more than it usually does. Instead of just eating a banana the normal way. Peel it, slice it into a bowl and eat it with a spoon or fork. It lasts longer and you feel as though you have eaten more. Same with an apple.Slice the apple into slices onto a plate instead of just munching through the apple.
The bonnus is that people seeing you eat this way will think you are very posh!
Jane x

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Loosing weight is a "tough" goal. Changing eating habits equally difficult (I am a big hunger snacker at times) but it is food choices, and proportions so they tell me. Exercise that takes practice too. Good luck with your Goal, Gill.

Karine said...

Good for you on cutting out your morning snack! I hope you reach your goal :o)

Maggie said...

Gill, there is no spring in the air today in the UK, we have seen a bit of sunshine but it's a lot colder than we have had so far!
I seem to be ordering coal an awful lot too,(we burn smoke free coal in our stove as wood was so expensive), like you, ours is going all the time too, but it's so toasty to sit by:-)

You made a good decision to keep in the afternoon snack, one thing at a time, and they say that it take 3 weeks for a new habit to stick :-) I think you goal is a good one, realistic and you wont feel denied.

LisaClark said...

Maggie is right Gill, today is a little nippie but the bulbs are all coming out and there are lots of spring flowers around. The blossom trees in the front garden where I live in London have almost finished flowering now, which is crazy as it is only February.
Good luck with your weight loss goal.
I would be very happy to lose even 5lbs this month.

Kaisievic said...

Great idea to just try to cut back - dieting is too restrictive and never works in the long run, I find.

Good luck, Gill.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Carletta said...

I agree with keeping the snack. I have to have a little reward each day so not to feel deprived.
Best of luck on meeting your goal.

joolzmac said...

I think I am proof that slow and steady is best and giving yourself a small goal (11 poungs)is way better than saying "I need to lose 44 pounds". Don't deprive yourself of mid-morning and afternoon snacks - just make sure they are healthy choices. Mid afternoon is when we usually 'crash' because we are starting to get hungry again before the evening meal so it makes sense to have a snack which will satisfy hunger until the evening meal.
I say I am on a "LIVEIT" not a "DIET"!

Cheers - Joolz

Jane said...

My snowdrops popped up about an inch or two during the mild weather but haven't bloomed yet but with the weather staying above 0c for the next week I expect them to grow some more.