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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A different sort of a day on Monday......

Dh was called out to a breakdown on Sunday around 5:30 p.m. and arrived back home around 8 a.m. on Monday morning.  Needless to say he was tired and after he had something to eat he went to bed.  Dh used to work shifts when we were in England but has worked day shift all the time in Canada, other than when he is called out.  This house though is not conducive to someone sleeping and me pottering around.  My best bet is to stay in the family room extension, as our bedroom is above the kitchen and you can hear everything in the kitchen when you're in the bedroom.

I went down the old basement and cleared out a box and did an inventory of the freezer, but decided that might be too noisy.  So I ended up sitting in the family room, drinking cups of tea and working on the computer, reading a book and watching tv.  Not a bad way I guess to spend a Monday morning.

It's Valentine's Day today.  We don't do much other than exchange cards in this house.  Dh gave me some scratch and win tickets and won $6, so that was nice of him.  What do you do for Valentine's Day?

Short post today, nothing much to say for a change!!

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Sounds like a perfect Monday morning to me Gill :)

We exchange cards, but I have to wait until dh gets home tonight, which will be late.

I'm not surprised dh was tired. Valentines Day is just another day in my house, we don't even exchange cards. Sadly I have a funeral to attend so it will be a different kind of day.

I certainly know how difficult it is to try and be quiet for my "Crabby Cabbie". Speaking of which waiting for him to wake up for him to get the surprise I got him. Combination Birthday/Valentine's gift. Drizzle almost freeing rain like outside this morning so far here.

What does DH get called out to do? I don't mind days like that - I had one of those on Sunday - very restful.
Michael is cooking dinner tonight and then we are going to a $4.00 movie. We exchange cards and I have a little gift for him, nothing expensive:)

Sounds like a lovely excuse to curl up, enjoy some tea and read!

What do we do on V Day? Well we started off by taking the trash to the curb together. Ah, togetherness! :))

I hid a bag of DH favorite junk food in a gift bag along with a card in his suitcase when he left town on Saturday. He suprised me last night when he called to go out to his work bench and get a bag he had left for me. A box of my favorite candy and a card. So sweet!!

We don't celebrate Valentines Day at all...it wasn't that big of a thing growing up in UK...and we have that attitude now.
Jane x

Yikes, sounds like your house could use some soundproofing, which is surprising for an old house! But yes, a quiet morning is always fun :o)

I'm looking forward to a nice dinner with my Sweetheart tonight and I have a nice card and a little gift for him. Well, hopefully dinner works out as he has to go to and from Qu├ębec city today with one of his two business partners to drop off a 20 page document they slaved over all last week. Hopefully the traffic will go well and he'll be back in time for dinner!

DH and I don't usually exchange cards or gifts (for any holiday) but today he had an early dentist appointment and when he came home he had a box of chocolates and a card for me! I was shocked!

Have a wonderful Valentines Day Gill!

Sft x

Well, I hope dh got caught up on his sleep. My English friends and I were saying a few days ago that none of us did much on Valentine's Day; growing up in the UK it wasn't a big holiday. I wonder if it is now? I got a lovely bouquet of flowers and a card but as my dh didn't get home until late. He was visiting his sister two hours away. She had asked if he would talk to students in two of her classes today, and so our Valentine's Day was a bit quiet.

We didn't do anything today...Roger has a cold or something and not feeling the greatest.

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