Thursday, February 2, 2012

Okay whose bright idea was if for me to join this

de-cluttering challenge????  I am knackered/tired/pooped/ whatever word you want to call it. It's bloody hard work all this cleaning.  Guess it wouldn't be so hard if I didn't have that much clutter in the first place right?

Anyhow as mentioned in this
post my "project" for this week is our bedroom drawers and closet.  So I tackled the drawers yesterday and today's project was the closet.

Our closet is the length of the end of our room so a decent size, probably around 10+ feet I think.   We installed that a couple of years ago as we had no closet in the room.

Now as it has sliding doors it is hard to take the photos of inside, but here goes.

and here:

Again it is hard to see the difference in the after photos.  My side:

Dh's side:

Now to prove that I did take some a lot of things out of there here is a photo of all the empty coat hangers on our bed.  Each one had an item of clothing on it.

The pile of clothes on there, along with the two handbags are things I am donating.  I had the same pile again of things that I hope will fit in another couple of months, that I am storing in a drawer in the spare bedroom.  Also on the bed in the spare bedroom is a pile of dh's clothes that I would like him to go through before I donate.

I also gave the bedroom a good clean when I finished that and moved all the furniture, including the bed as we have wooden floors so it is dust bunny central.  I also took the two ceiling light fixtures apart and washed them, along with the bathroom light fixture.

Add that to putting the garbage out, picking up poop, bringing in the logs, ironing, taking the ashes to the fire pit  and what ever else.  I think I have done more than my fair share for the day, don't you?

My challenge for next week is the living room.  However I am making a start on that this weekend, as it's a nightmare at the moment, you'll see what I mean when you see the photos.

Oh and by the way, there will be three garbage bags of clothing that will be donated due to this exercise.........


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Fantastic Gill !!! and I haven't even got started yet, oh no !!! I have had another full morning here with VON volunteering and tomorrow another full morning spent my Mother. Should I have taken this on too? am I going to be as "pooped" as you? More then likely if I ever get started with it...oh man !

Northern Living Allowance said...

Ha ha! Well done you! I think we'll all be shaking virtual tired, yet triumphant, fists in Carla's general direction at the end of this month. It makes a huge difference and my first thought is ALWAYS "why don't I keep it like this all the time?!"

meri said...

Gill, You are a superstar!!!
You should be pooped. Well done. grab a cuppa and have a little break.

Angela said...

Well done!! Keep going!! Be encouraged!! You go Girl!!

[I am exhausted from all this cheering-on - can I have a rest now?]

John Gray said...

I wouldnt show a moth into my wardrobe!

angela said...

Wow you have been a busy girl, looks great. Well done on throwing out stuff to donate, I find it hard to do that as I always think I might need it one day. Lol

Jane said...

Great job, and yes it is tiring isn't it? I just spent SIX hours upstairs in the TV room/clothing storage room/guest bedroom/cat's room...yes, it is indeed a multi-purpose room. I am getting rid of so much stuff!

~Carla~ said...

Wow!!! You are doing awesome & putting me to shame!! *blush* Well done!!

Kaisievic said...

Fantastic job, Gill. Unfortunately, as I work full time I have little energy for a major clean out like that - I tend to be a clean a little bit out at a time type of girl. Having said that, though, I am going to clean out our pantry this Sunday as we seem to have moths (yuk!) - so does that count?

Well done, you, though.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

April's Homemaking said...

Your closet turned out wonderfully! As winter has turned its corner and is headed for spring, I am looking forward to giving my home a good spring cleaning as well. I look forward to following your organizing posts. :)

Valerie said...

I love sorting. Mostly though my things are kept in strict order, stacked or hung in a sequence. No I'm not bragging, it is just my way of staying sane. I'm one of those who dislike things to be untidy. Sad, huh?

Debby said...

Go YOU!! The closet looks great, we are all going to be in great shape by the end of this challenge, I might need those to small clothes back I took to goodwill!!