Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another fire........

don't worry this one was a controlled one, in the fire pit!!!

I had a day in the garden on Saturday as the weather was really nice...finally!!

We had to pick up the trees that I ordered from the township last winter.  We got 10 red oak's and 2 hemlocks; they look like twigs but no doubt when our great grandchildren are adults, they will look very nice!!

I had to pop to town to get some more soil and picked up some Coteneasters ( pronounced  k-tone-easters) at a great price, only paid $4.99 for each one.  They only had five left otherwise I would have bought more.

 I also bought a Ranuculus as I loved the colour.  Will buy more for the tubs when the better weather arrives, as we had a hard frost again on Saturday morning.  Meanwhile I will keep this one in the house adds a bt of cheer on the window sill.

I also moved five small fir trees I got as saplings.  I first showed you a photo of them here  They have grown quite a bit, so I planted them on Kamikaze Hill.  My goal is to completely cover Kamikaze Hill with pine trees as its no use for anything else in my humble opinion!!

Must say I am as stiff as a board though this morning.  Must have used muscles I haven't used in a while!!


Jane and Chris said...

The flower looks just like a rose!
We went a bit 'gung ho' yesterday too! My muscles ache so it will probably be a bit of a slower day today..especially when the rain moves in.
Jane x

Karine said...

What a lovely flower! As for the trees, you will by surprised by how fast they will grow!

Stella Jones said...

Yep, I know that feeling! I've just got in from a windy hour in my garden and will, no doubt, suffer for it later.
Exciting about your new plants and trees. You have lots of plans, don't you.

DeniseinVA said...

Your garden is going to look lovely this summer Gill.

JohnD said...

Hmmmmm! Cotoneasters, if they are the same variety, have been declared a noxious pest vegetation in Australia. Native birds eat the berries and deposit the seeds in those berries across the countryside resulting in clumps of cotoneasters everywhere and they can only be dug out and burnt. They will 'clump up' and require heavy pruning.

Crazy Acres Rose said...

it's that time of year! getting the grounds ready for planting :D

we have our trees and berry plants coming around the 8th. so this past weekend we were outside working all weekend as well . love the temps!

Piece by Piece said...

I should have mowed my lawn yesterday, but busy with family, rain again today, it's going to be so long when I do get around to do it.
Love the colour of your flower.