Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just another ordinary day......

Had a busy day on Tuesday.  I got a coat of paint on the trim in the bathroom closet.  When dh got home we put up the closet organizers in both of the closets.  I still have a couple more coats of paint to put on the trim in the bathroom closet,  but the painting is done in the spare bedroom closet, so I can start and put things away in the bedroom closet.

Dh still has to put the light fixtures up in the closets, and change the sockets and switch in the bedroom.  I still have some new trim to varnish.  It's funny these rooms were supposed to be quick jobs but one job seems to lead to another, which leads to another.

Fooled Molly.  I was upstairs painting so she followed me upstairs.  I then decided to have a shower, and figured I would bath her as well at the same time.  If I have my nightie on she won't come upstairs with me, as she figures she's going in the bath.  She didn't click this time, as I had my painting clothes on.  Needless to say she wasn't happy when she discovered I was going to bath her!!

I got the field cut, it's growing at a crazy rate!!!  Roll on the cooler weather when it stops growing!!!  Discovered that a couple of trees that I thought were crab apples are actually eating apples, and they are good.  So have to pick them, not sure about storing them though?  Will also try to fit in making apple jelly this week as well.

Make another big pan of mashed potatoes for supper on Tuesday night, using potatoes that had bad bits on them, or the skins weren't that great.  So we will pick away at those for supper through the week.

My plan of action on Wednesday is:

  1. Paint two coats on the trim and the floor in the linen closet
  2. Edge/whipper snip the front ditch and a few other places that ds missed.
  3. Load of laundry
  4. Put things away in the spare bedroom closet.
  5. Cut more grass.
  6. Tidy up a bit in the house.
I think that should keep me out of mischief for a while!!  I was just saying to dh the days are just flying past at the moment.  The nights are also drawing in.  We are having to put the lights on, on a night in the family room to see to read.


Caroline said...

Gill,You have been GO GO GO!! since your move to the country. I bet it has been a good cheap exercise plan for you.
Your "To do list" sounds a bit like mine -never ending. Since finishing work(paid work that is) I have been so busy. It's very rewarding to do your own stuff though.

Clippy Mat said...

so tell me you and the dog were't in the tub at the same time?
just kidding.
you are SO busy. good busy tho'.

LizBeth said...

I've been doing the same thing with the potatoes this week. Last night we had a microwave quick supper with chunky potatoes, shred ched, ranch dressing, and wiener slices. Real guy food. Mom had cauliflower, too.

The days are getting shorter, so you'll need to get your rest. I'm still wondering what you're going to do when the grass no longer needs mowing every other day. Hmmm. Party??

Liz, The Republic

Karine said...

Gill, it's official, you deserve a spa weekend or something! Or maybe to just go and kick back on the side of a lake with a good book or something?