Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another busy day on Saturday.......

Dh had to work on Saturday and didn't get home until 4pm.

So I sat around all day reading the paper, dinking cups and tea and eating bon-bons...............well I wish I did that!!

What I actually did was give the closet walls and ceilings two coats of paint.  What was really good about doing that, was I used up to part cans of paint that I had laying around in the basement.  Mind you for the second coat I was literally had to scrape the last drop out of the can.

I then tackled the grass cutting AGAIN!!!  I have to say I got on really well, and hope to have the rest cut on Sunday.

We then went to Lowes and Home Depot to pick up some things when dh got home.  We didn't get back in until close to 8:30pm, so this post will be short and sweet tonight.

Oh, and in answer to a couple of questions about baked beans and mashed potatoes.  We only eat Heinz Baked Beans, original flavour in this house.  Mind you I have had Bush's Baked Beans, and found the vegetarian ones very tasty.  So if you can't get Heinz, Bush's are a good substitute.  I have never made homemade baked beans, just because I am too lazy to do it!

One meal we have every now and then, is mashed potatoes, baked beans and fried eggs.  That's simple fast meal that we both enjoy.  One of the kids' favourite meals is sausages, mashed potatoes and baked beans.    My kids were brought up on mashed potatoes and gravy, they loved it as little kids, and probably still do to this day.


LizBeth said...

Mashed, baked, and fried sounds good to me. . . . . . You're going to have so much time on your hands when the grass quits growing for the year. What will you do?

Liz, The Republic

EG Wow said...

MMMMmmm. Mashed potatoes!

I have some seeds for you - red columbine. But I need your snail mail address. :)

BJ Roan said...

Yum! Mashed is my fried...and baked. Ok, love 'em all. ;)

Karine said...

I love mashed potatoes and gravy too! My side dish of choice whenever they have it in a restaurant is mashed potatoes :o)

Rose said...

I love potatoes fixed any way...husband and Lorelei's mom and dad love the Bushes baked beans...I will look for the Heinz.

Winifred said...

I love mashed potatoes, fried egg & beans too. When I was young my favourite was egg, chips and beans. Mash is just a bit healthier nowadays.

One of these days you will have a nice lazy day, go on treat yourself!