Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy busy, but what's new with that?

Tuesday was another super busy day for me.

I got two coats of paint on the ceiling and the walls in the spare bedroom.  Which resulted in two more empty paint cans.  Put a coat of varnish on the closet door, only two more to go.

Finished cutting the field, and cut the front lawn again, only cut it on Saturday.  My dad who lives around an hour south west of us, was saying his grass was burning, and not growing.  Our grass is growing like crazy up here.  Still have Kamikaze Hill to cut; hoping to start on that on Wednesday.

I tidied up a bit in the family room for the first time in ages.  Then hoovered through downstairs.  Of course made supper and I am sure I did some other things as well.

Wednesday I am out for the morning and hope to be back home by 2pm.  I have a long list of errands to run, so want to do them all at once.  I am meeting a friend for lunch it's her birthday on Thursday, and then I will head home.

Thursday, I may have visitors coming, depending on the weather.  If they don't come, I have a million and one things to do, including making a start on putting the spare bedroom back together.  Making a start on painting the bathroom.  More cleaning, and of course more cutting the grass.  If my visitors come, then that will all have to be pushed back to Friday.

Regardless, this week is going to be a crazy busy week.

And who said moving to the country would bring a slower pace of life???


LizBeth said...

I was just wondering . . . . what's the hurry?? Why don't you tell people it's a country spa and let them pay YOU to do YOUR work for you? Worked for Tom Sawyer's fence.

Liz, The Republic

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
You are going to have to slow down sometime or you'll make yourself sick. Stand still and smell the roses - oh, I know you aren't keen on them - but think about it. Dishes and housework can wait.
Call me nosy - but you mentioned 'the spare bedroom' - do you only have 2 bedrooms in your big house?
Take care

Gill - That British Woman said...

Cathy, you were asking about our bedrooms. Technically we only have two bedrooms. Our bedroom is two bedrooms knocked into one, and the spare bedroom. We will have a third bedroom in the attic when we get it finished. The bathroom upstairs is the size of a bedroom it's huge.

Downstairs, we have the living room, another bathroom which is the same size as the upstairs one, a big kitchen/dining room (typical country kitchen); then we have the family room extension which must be probably 24 feet by 12 feet, I am hopeless with measurements. Plus the two basements and the mud room extension on the side. So downstairs is a heck of a lot bigger than upstairs.


Anonymous said...

LOL - it'll be so worth it when it's done. Make sure you make a little 'you' time tho too! ;-) Enjoy.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

And you know what they say Gill - if you want something doing, ask a bsuy person. Sounds like you. Are you going to take it easy at the weekend. A x

The Witch said...

You are one busy girl. Slow down and smell your roses.
I love the pictures on your last post about painting. You have really nice old wooden doors. I love the steps too, just be carefully not to fall off them!
Those flowers are beautiful!!

Karine said...

Boy, you really are busy! I remember when I used to have to mow the lawn at my mom's place and sometimes I had to do it twice in one week. Ugh!!!

Teresa said...

I'm worn out just reading about all that you have done.