Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It all started with a container of gravy.

I saw that container of gravy in the freezer on Sunday, when I was pulling out the raspberries out of the freezer for my jam.  Made a mental note to use that container when I next made shepherd's pie.

Monday lunchtime, I remembered about the gravy, so pulled it out of the freezer, along with a pound of ground beef/mince.  Figured I would make mince and mashed potatoes, as I had left over mashed potato from the day before.

Started to cook the mince and thought I'd add plenty of veggies to it.  So popped out to the garden to see what was going on with the zucchini, only to discover that there were three mammoth ones and a smaller one.  So cut one of the large ones up to put into the mince.  However there was too much, so ended up shredding the rest of it to freeze.  Still have two more mammoth ones and the smaller one to deal with another day!!

After adding all the veggies, it was a big pot of mince and gravy; and when I looked at how many mashed potatoes I had, I knew there wasn't enough.  So went outside and got the rest of the potatoes I dug up the other day and peeled and cooked them. 

I ended up with a meal of mince and potatoes for supper, plus there was enough left over for two shepherd's pie's for the freezer.  Not bad from a container of gravy and a pound of ground beef/mince.


John said...

Fun - ain't it! LOL!

LizBeth said...

Sounds like you are good at multiplication!

Liz, The Republic

Stephanie V said...

Blame it on the zucchinis LOL

That sounds like a delicious, comforting kind of supper. And shepherd's pie for leftovers? Yum!

Denise said...

Sounds like you had a very productive day, thanks to that container of gravy.
An English Girl Rambles

Karine said...

Nothing like winging it in the kitchen!

Teresa said...

Isn't it wonderful having all those veggies! I just love having leftovers.

Rose said...

Would you please hush! (I hope you know I am kidding...) Every thing you talk about makes me hungrier and hungrier.