Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crabapple Jelly and other things.....

It started to rain on Wednesday afternoon, so I went and picked some crab apples to make jelly.  I used this recipe  I found it was the simplest and pretty easy.

I didn't really make that much, but it's a start.  All the jars are spoken for, all that is left for us is the glass dish on the left!!  I am hoping to find time to make another batch on Thursday or Friday.

As always Wednesday was a busy day.  I have finally finished painting the closets.......I swear you would think I was painting all the Queens closets the amount of time it has taken!!  I put things away in the spare bedroom closet, so things are a little tidier in that room now.

I managed to get a lot of the ditch trimmed/whipper snippped.  Also managed to get covered head to toe in grass clippings.  I was pooped though by the time I had done that for 1 1/2 hours.

Also got a little grass cut after supper.  It's supposed to be a nice day on Thursday, so I hope to get a lot more done then.

Must say as I write this on Wednesday night I am pooped.  Hoping to have a few days off soon, as dh starts three weeks vacation on Saturday.  Until then though I'll just keep plodding on.

Also sold another 5 recipe books on Wednesday.  John, I never got back to you, but I have to sell the books to people from the church first.  If I order another batch of books, I will offer them to people outside of our area.  They will be $12 CDN plus postage.

I see I have 199 Followers now, I wonder who will be the 200th?


LizBeth said...

Guess I'm going to have to give up and make jelly. If you can cut all that grass and still make jelly, it can't be too awful impossible. So, I'll wait for the cherries next year . . . .

Liz, The Republic

John said...

I'll send you an email with delivery details and I'll post you a postal note if you advise me if one is available.

Stephanie V said...

Apple jelly is one of my favorites. We had an old apple tree in our back yard that had the best pie and jelly apples. The skins were red and there was always a pink blush to the jelly.

That tree is no longer mine to use but I still have some jars of jelly. I hope you can get some made for yourself. It looks yummy.

The Witch said...

You are right that jelly recipe is dead simple. I'm going to try it if I can find enough crap apples around.
It looks so pretty in the jars.

Karine said...

Mmm...crab apple jelly! I love stuff made with apples even more than just apples!

199 followers, that's amazing!!! I have 27 and I'm pretty happy with that although I wouldn't mind having more, but I always wonder where I would find the time to answer all the comments that would generate!

Patty said...

You are one busy person. Jelly looks wonderful. Sorry haven't been around for a while. Just seems time flies by and I'm not sure just where it goes. LOL

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Gill, you continue to awe and inspire me with all you get done in a week! I've been eyeing an apple tree across from where I work and "think" I'm going to get the apples before someone else does!
Glad your cookbook has arrived! It must be so rewarding to see the end result of all your hard work!