Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where did the long weekend go to?

One minute it was Saturday morning, and now here I am writing this on Monday night.

As always I had a list a mile long that I wanted to get done this weekend, and as always some things didn't get crossed off the list.  Still we made a dint in the list.  Dh's job was to finished mudding and sanding the drywall in the closets, and he got that accomplished.  It was a horrible job as the closets aren't the biggest of rooms, so quite claustrophobic and very hot in there.  A job when all completed will be so worth it.  I now need to undercoat/prime them to see if there are any imperfections that need sorting out before I paint them. Mind you I have to strip some paint off a door frame; I didn't realize it was painted, and sand and varnish the floors, so we are still a bit away from finishing them.

I got all the grass cut.....YEAH!!!  I even got some whipper snipping done; then I lost the ends again and didn't dare ask dh to sort it all out for me........AGAIN!!  I got some raspberries picked and frozen.  I have enough now to make some jam.  Goodness knows when that will be though as I have a lot of other things to do first.

We did get errands ran in between hands, so it wasn't all work all weekend.  No housework done though, other than a load of laundry and hoovering up downstairs.  Again I'll no doubt get to the housework later on in the week.

I have to work on Tuesday.  I don't know how people work outside of the house and try and look after five acres and everything else?  If you own an acreage and work outside of the house, can you let me know how you do it all?  Dh works hard at work and does all the renovations, so looking after the housework, all the cooking and cleaning and all the outside garden work is my job.  I have found it hard this time working as well.

I picked up a copy of the September/October Hobby Farm Home magazine the other day.  Check out the website if you have a moment.  I saw this recipe on there for Crockpot Potato Soup, that I think I may make sometime.

Also do you think we are in for a cold winter?  The trees and bushes are covered in fruit and berries this year, which I always think is an indication of a long hard winter.

This Mountain Ash tree is covered in berries.

I noticed that they are harvesting the field opposite us..........Fall is heading our way!!!

The new header photo is of a Coconut Lime Echinacea flower I have in the garden.


JudiB said...

Hi Gill,
Guess your at work as I write this. Going to be another hot day..ugh!!Good thing your A/C is working at the house.
Been meaning to mention to you we have just around the 4 acres here and had constant trouble with the mowerssss. Finally we saved up enough to get a used commercial grade. Hubby said it has better steel..whatever..anyway it has been a blessing. So don't beat yourself up over the breakdowns..it is just the rough ground that hammers the poor things to death. Anyway..in the future keep that in mind if is of any help.
Hope Molly is doing ok with her allergies. Kally is still on 2 pills a day..poor thing.
Chat soon..Judi B.

mommanator said...

I'm retired and never seem to get everything done, so dont ask my help. This house of my daughters, with her 4 children keep me on the run morning noon and night. I hardly get time to go on computer, but I must make time for me too! Owell only 12 more days here, and I will be going back to FL

fizzycat said...

Thanks for dropping by,yes slugs are not my favorites.Love the new photo, you have a great camera there.
Another cold winter in the uk? well last year was reputedly the coldest for 30 years.Perhaps we will as the Rowan trees are forwood in developing their berries, we will see.

LizBeth said...

I'm generally allergic to echinacea, but yours doesn't make me sneeze! Glad to hear you're making progress on the house.

Liz, The Republic

CannedAm said...

Have you smelled the flowers on the mountain ash? *wicked grin* I think (perhaps I'm wrong) they're the ones that smell like fish. Love the header photo...really loved the squirrel one, too,though :) It was a perfect shot! What kind of camera do you use, Gil?

EG Wow said...

We were due for a hot summer and got it so I'm thinking that, yes, winter will be cold. EW! Winter was so nice last year...for winter, that is. :)

Karine said...

I know the feeling of a weekend flying by, especially when you have lots of stuff to do! But please, please don't mention fall yet!!! I feel like summer has only just begun!

Teresa said...

If anyone tells you how to get everything done, let me know. I'm going to to work in 13 days, and I'm so not ready. It does sound like you got a lot accomplished this weekend.

Denise said...

I can't believe it's August already. Thanks for another nice post to read. I think I will make that potato soup when the weather gets colder.

Denise said...

ups, think I added the link to the potato soup under my last message by mistake. sorry bout that.