Saturday, August 28, 2010

Had a pretty good day on Friday......

It was a busy day, but a good busy day.  The weather was gorgeous on Friday, no humidity what so ever.  The temperatures were quite cool in the low 70's.  Infact when I was hanging out my first load of laundry (just after 7am) I had to put a fleece jacket on over my nightie as it was chilly!!

I got some cleaning done in the house.  Cleaned some windows, which was long overdue.

The kids and my brother came up around 3:30pm.  Ds has bought a new to him Lexus IS250 so they had to drop off my car, which ds has been using all this week.  It's a fancy dancy car; too many bells and whistles though for me.

We then went out for supper to East Side Mario's and had a lovely meal.  They all then went to the casino, and the old folk's (me and dh) came home.  The kids and my brother sound as though they have had a great week, busy with all sorts.  My brother comes to stay with us on Sunday.

Poor dh was called out at 1:30am on Friday morning, so he worked all night, but was home by 11am, and is now off for the next three weeks.  He spent part of the day doing some electrical work in the house before falling asleep in front of the tv around 2pm-ish.

I took a couple of photos of Molly.

No idea what she was looking at, probably squirrels.  Her allergies have been bad these last few days, not sure what has changed.  She isn't allergic to ragweed, so that's not it.

I know I owe you photos of the spare bedroom, just haven't had the time to take them yet.


The Witch said...

Molly is so cute.
Glad you had a good time at East Side Mario's I enjoy their food, and have copied one of their dishes (Chicken Pennie in a cream sauce with hot pepper flakes)I also add broccoli to this dish.
Now I don't go their as much.
Hope DH has a great 3 weeks vacation and you get to do some fun stuff together.

LizBeth said...

I'm glad you had a dry day! That will re-energize you a little. And a nice time with family. Can't beat that. Good to see Molly. I'd been wondering about her. Have a good weekend with all. . . . . . . DH is getting off for a week and a half now, too. No bucket laundry for me. It all goes in the HE -- my vacation. LOL Think I'll bake cakes all week and we can pig out.

Liz, The Republic

Evelyn said...

glad you had some good family time. never been to East Side Marios

Patty said...

Molly's looking good. How are her allergies? Mine have been horrible.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The weather is nice here too, but the hot temps are supposed to return in the next few days--It was good while it lasted!
The pictures of Molly are great! I hope her allergies get better!

Sandi McBride said...

I've missed you Gill and so glad that you included the lovely shots of Molly (since I've often thought of her whilst in the garden and the kitchen and the pantry, lol). So good to be back and find you waiting for me!

Stephanie V said...

The chilly mornings must mean that it's time to go back to school. Then Fall is just a short time away. The summer has been too short here.