Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well it's arrived and ahead of schedule.........

The Church recipe book arrived on Monday. So I spent part of the afternoon sorting out the orders and calling a couple of people who are going to deliver them to their respective church.   If you click on the photo you will see more detail of the churches.

This is one of the drawings we had done for the dividers.  We ended up selling 168 books.  I ordered an extra 32 books, which I hope to sell at the next church dinner.

I have burgundy Gladioli in the vase at the moment.

I am still painting closets.......they may be the smallest rooms in the house, but gosh they are taking forever to get done.

The weather has been miserable the last few days, but I managed to get some grass cut on Monday night.  It's all overgrown AGAIN, so it ALL needs to be cut AGAIN!!  So of course I am super busy.

Once again a big, big sorry for not popping by your blogs.


John said...

Would love a copy of your Three Churches Recipe Book, Gill - how can I order one?

LizBeth said...

What a beautiful cookbook! The extras will sell. I bought one from the church we joined here that had been done years before. Bet yours will sell out faster. LOL . . . . . .Closets and cabinets -- the worst, yes!!

Liz, The Republic
PS Just pop by when you have time . . . . which may be a while. . . . . .and that's okay. We're supposed to enjoy this blogging neighborhood!

landcuckoo said...

You do have a lot on at present don't you!
The cook book looks great, I hope you sell lots. I do think these can be the best type of books - a collection of the best of everyone's recipe collection, like the elite recipes all in one place!
Take care
Sarah x

Stephanie V said...

Well done. And ahead of schedule. Those last 32 will sell out quickly, I'm sure!
Your glads are so pretty against the stone.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

The cook books look good Gill, I'll bet you sell the rest with no problem at all.

I haven't been visiting many blogs lately either, hoping to be more organised soon. A x

Karine said...

The recipe book looks lovely, Gill! Well done!

As for your lawn, did you look into how buch it would cost to have a company come and mow it? It seems to me that it would save you so much time and energy...and strife when the lawn tractor breaks!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Gee wiz I haven't seen a church cook book like that for years.

Coffee is on.

Teresa said...

I agree about not getting to posts. With school starting and me back at work, I'm having a hard time getting everything done! I must say those church cook books always have the best recipes!

The Handmaden said...

The grass cutting is never ending for you isn't it?!
The cookbook looks great on the cover and I love that illustration.

The Witch said...

The cookbook cover looks great as does the inside sub title pages.
The glads in the vase look awesome and I just love that colour.
I'll have to plant some next year if I can find some room.